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    Most EVs Cost More to Drive Than Their Gas-Powered Rivals: Study
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    Million of unsafe vehicles on Canadian roads

    Who pays the rest of the cost for the inspection because 30 bucks is paying a tech. for no more than 20 minutes....
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    250f vs 450f?

    Best answer is 300, as in KTM Xc-w
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    Anybody Want too burn some fuel #3 (2023)

    That was a lot of K packed into a couple days, my ass would hurt for a week..
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    Anybody Want too burn some fuel #3 (2023)

    Ride safe Lund. Post a link or start a thread here about the trip.
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    show us your bike !

    Finally got a rip on the Vstrom
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    BMW Shock 1998 650

    If you can't find one these guys rebuild some "non-rebuildable" shocks.
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    Converting from R134a to R12a

    When my old Dodge was leaking, same year, I bought 134A in the US and recharged as needed. Amazon also had it last I looked. I would bet the leak is the Evap, that's where my leak was. If memory serves it wasn't a fun job and all the plastic was made from glass....
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    Bee Season

    Had enough of the little bastards growing up, we usually had 30-50 hives. I remember one year fondly where sugar went up in price and it was too expensive to over winter the hives. Not sure how you make bees mad bud sucking up a hive with a shop vac. is a good start....
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    Gordon Lightfoot RIP.

    Just read Four Chord Gord passed. RIP. Another great one gone.
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    HD TC cam bearing tool?

    Anyone have an inner cam bearing tool for 07-Up big twins they want to sell or rent?
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    Appliance life span and our throwaway world

    With the way my gas and power bills have been that doesn't sound so bad...
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    What's going to happen to Tucker Carlson now?

    Presidential run coming up?
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    weight distribution hitch

    The Reese dual cam is good, sway control and weight distribution
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    EZ Lynk getting sued by EPA

    Lot's of F-350's up that travel interprovincial without OEM exhaust. Especially service trucks with a picker, who wants to stand in that smog out the pipe, give me a stack....OEM or equivalent is open to interpretation...No issues at CVIP time, unless you have a crack in the window in the swept...
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    EZ Lynk getting sued by EPA

    Not OEM or equivalent is the catch, who is to say aftermarket isn’t equivalent to OEM? No need for cats…
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    anyone want to ride?

    Jesus, I like riding but not enough to leave the house at 4....
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    Jackson 2023

    The "Made in America" thing resonates more with the guys down south which IMO opinion why there is such a strong showing for Polaris. Some of those guys can ride.... I couldn't beat them if they were on a Phaser.
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    Rest in Peace "Kellyandhislimo"

    RIP. Only met him once but seemed like a good dude. So sad for his wife and kids.
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    6.4 ltr diesel engine.
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