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  1. edge rmk700

    Cant decide on which Boots

    KLIM works great I have laces so don’t know about the BOA system but some people I ride with have had trouble. I have 3 years on my boots still like new one thing about them is they are not cold but not warm but your feet don’t freeze
  2. edge rmk700

    I've noticed I'm not the only R/C nerd around here...

    I have a baja 5b with the 23cc it’s a lot of fun very loud with the pipe but big difference in power and throttle response also have a drift truck
  3. edge rmk700


    Like watching the show very good racing looks like a different format this year should make it interesting
  4. edge rmk700

    Its Heads Up Time

    RIP condolences to the family and friends
  5. edge rmk700

    Its Heads Up Time

  6. edge rmk700

    Oil Change issues

    It does not seem to matter where you go dealership or lube shop people working there need to be trained properly no matter where you work and take pride in it . Lots of people say it’s just an oil change but many people mess it up.
  7. edge rmk700

    This is sad. Woman killed while sledding

    Rest in peace sure hope they find why a cable was across the River makes no sense
  8. edge rmk700

    2022-2023-Mcbride conditions and updates

    Yes he is we are leaving this morning coming back on Sunday, looking forward to it he is hoping to remember some of the places you have taken him, sure liked nice the last pictures you posted one of these times hopefully we can hook up
  9. edge rmk700

    2022-2023-Mcbride conditions and updates

    Does anyone know when then trails get groomed going to ride renshaw Friday
  10. edge rmk700

    2022-2023-Mcbride conditions and updates

    Do you know what days the trails get groomed going to ride renshaw on Friday hoping for a nice trail ride
  11. edge rmk700

    Gen 4 best upgrades

    I have a 2022 summit 850 non turbo wondering what are must have upgrades, thanks
  12. edge rmk700

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2022-2023

    So sorry to hear this RIP
  13. edge rmk700

    Exhaust can

    More and more people are saying the same reduction in power
  14. edge rmk700

    Exhaust can

    It is not a turbo
  15. edge rmk700

    Exhaust can

    Yes I no the getting old thing that’s why want a quiet one
  16. edge rmk700

    Exhaust can

    I have a 2022 Summit 850 non turbo looking for an exhaust can want something on the quiet side any thought on what’s good ou there any input or what has anyone tried
  17. edge rmk700

    07 M6 Repair

    Have you check the primary and secondary spring to see if they are broken that will cause a big
  18. edge rmk700

    2022 Sled Show in Edmonton

    Riderz in Edson sells that spark plug wrench
  19. edge rmk700


    Just talked to Riverside nothing available yet and does not look like anytime soon
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