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  1. glengine

    Back wrenching again

    Thanks Ric, its awesome. Great place and great people!
  2. glengine

    Back wrenching again

    its great to be back wrenching on sleds, bikes, side by sides, atv's again. I moved back top my hometown of Smithers. If you are in trhe area, stop into Evergreen Industrial and say hi!
  3. glengine

    December conditions

    Beautiful sunny day again. A little chilly, Snow in the forecast starting this coming Sunday thru all of next week.
  4. glengine

    Terracan Ranch Resort

    The weathers been abit chilly but Beautiful sunny days. We have snow in the forecast. We have some cabins available from now till Christmas, and a few left between Christmas and New years. Give us a shout and check out our smoking good midweek rates, or our great rates for Meals inclusive rates...
  5. glengine

    Terracan Ranch Resort

    Well its finally started to snow in the valley bottom here. Not a lot in forecast for this dump, but our forecast is looking promising. Call or email us to get your dates booked here at Terracana for an amazingly fun and unforgettable sled getaway.. Fresh premium fuel delivery coming this week...
  6. glengine

    2016 / 2017 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    Its still snowing in the valley bottom.. The thumbs getting itchy..
  7. glengine

    Terracan Ranch Resort

    Hello Guys and Gals. Just a quick note we only have a couple cabins left for this coming weekend, and only few for following weekend left. And only select dates left available between Christmas and new years.
  8. glengine

    Terracan Ranch Resort

    Well winter seems to have shown up.. Valemount is hoping to have grooming of trails ready to go for this coming weekend, and I believe Mcbride is aswell.. We are looking forward to another great season this year, we are off to a great start.. Here at Terracana we have fresh marked Premium fuel...
  9. glengine

    Urgent help neeede

    Hello I am posting this for a good friend of mine. In Edmonton or surrounding area and is in dire need of a reasonable priced place to rent. She has a dog and a cat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Needed absolutely asap Call 250 569 7213 with any info please.
  10. glengine

    2014 m8000 won't pull rpm, inconsistent

    Check ground wire that is bolted to chasis just in front of chaincase. Also check to make sure all coils are tight and no wires pinched. From you are describing I would say it is an electrical issue. I also di-electric grease all my electrical connections just to make sure no moisture gets in...
  11. glengine

    S & M Courier Service

    Hello is anyone coming from Edmonton to valemount/Mcbride area this weekend or beginning of next week? Have a cpl tvs new in boxes trying to get brought out. Call me at 250 968 4304 thansk
  12. glengine

    2013 m8 sno pro top speed and rpm?

    Due to gearing differences the 2011 will do higher top speed than a 2013. The 2012 M8's had 21/49 gearing and 2013 and newer went to 19/50 gearing. Ive found all my 2012 and newer cats can easily pull 2 gram heavier weights than come with factory. In my 2012's i used to run 74gram weights at...
  13. glengine

    Goggles to fit over glasses

    I found that with trimming a hair of foam off the sides of my sinister X5 goggles they fit over my glasses great. And i also run the 509 fan in my goggles and i dont have any fogging issues. The thing i hate about scott is like oh they havnt updated there over the glasses since like 1990..
  14. glengine

    Terracan Ranch Resort

    Did you pick up a 2015?
  15. glengine

    Terracan Ranch Resort

    Just wanting to let everyone know we at Terracana are getting all ramped up for sledding season to start.. Its currently snowing up top as I type and the snow levels are starting to look decent for this time of year, it shouldn't be long now till we are riding. If any one has any questions don't...
  16. glengine

    Good upgrade to replace rear fox float

    You can replace it with a fox zero pro that came factory on the standard model Mseries. Or go for upgraded shock in Raptor Shocks which work phenomenally well...
  17. glengine

    3" track option rumors

    It is true.. As a dealership I know well and deal with lots offered a free upgrade to the 3" powerclaw if you snowchecked a sled thru them. Was told it will be available in a 153 & 162.
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