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  1. 06 Dragon

    Any sled heads going to the Radium Car Show

    What are taking down Catman10 or just spectating?
  2. 06 Dragon

    EZ Ryde Suspension

    Anyone still riding with an EZ Ryde rear suspension? Are they still available? Pros/cons. I think some of the hill climb circuit folks still use them
  3. 06 Dragon

    Milwaukee tools

    Some times these folks have deals on battery packs for the older tools and deals on new stuff.
  4. 06 Dragon

    Distance on the river

    Approximate distances, using google maps to measure
  5. 06 Dragon

    Gun control, it's coming...

    Looks like they are preparing for a stand off between themselves and us the hardworking taxpayers who just want to enjoy the outdoors. I thought at one time, fish cops only carried ticket books?
  6. 06 Dragon

    Jet Boat Videos

    Do you like the Brazeau better then the NSR at Saunders?
  7. 06 Dragon

    Jet Boat Videos

    Nice video. Looks like you have your boat running great. I would be pushing /pulling my TJ through those skinny areas. Was that on the Brazeau?
  8. 06 Dragon

    Pierre Wins!

    We need Mad Max to be campaigning hard like Pierre. Be nice to see him get a seat in the house. Pierre will need an opposition to keep him to his campaign promises other then the Lib’s. Plus I have not heard anything out of Pierre’s mouth about the equalization payments.
  9. 06 Dragon

    CARBA Poker Rally

    Did anyone participate in the CARBA poker rally on the Red Deer river on Saturday? I have not heard or seen any photos, videos or feed back.
  10. 06 Dragon

    Humorous picture thread

    I don’t think the butchers know the name of the cow. Usually from farmer to cattle liner to stockyard then to processing. I think another ploy to get us all to eat crickets. How much CO2 does a cricket farm give off?
  11. 06 Dragon

    Who wants to race my wheelbarrow?

    One of Benny’s clutch kits? It should rip and shave a second or two off your track time.
  12. 06 Dragon

    Arthur Pawlawski screws us

    NutSucker had her chance and screwed us! Time for her and her party to go!
  13. 06 Dragon

    1775 XD engine swap.

    Are you running a quick ratio steering rack on your boat?
  14. 06 Dragon


    Was that out at Saunders? If so how is the water level?
  15. 06 Dragon


    Neilsleder is your man for pump repair!
  16. 06 Dragon

    Alberta Insurance

    Insurance prices are ridiculous and out of control! You have to shop around, I am sure someone on here will chime in. I am currently paying way too much for my insurance! home, car, truck, RV, sled, and atv over 10g a year. This does not include, bike and boat.
  17. 06 Dragon

    Thumb vs Finger

    I may have have to install a finger throttle for the Mrs. her hand is not big enough for the thumb throttle, and she does not drive it fast enough to hold it to the tape all the time.
  18. 06 Dragon

    Jet Boat Videos

    Post up your videos guys.
  19. 06 Dragon

    Jet Boat Videos

  20. 06 Dragon

    Jet Boat Videos

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