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    2024 Polaris

    So has anyone read the fine print on that? Shipping does not mean its ready to ride. Just asking.
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    2022-2023-Mcbride conditions and updates

    It was awesome. Shout out to the people of mcbride, we had a great time. Trail was great, groomed every day. If some people think the trail was bad, they should have rode the trails before grooming was brought in. Keep up the great work and we will be back.
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    Muskoka Freerider

    Don’t they come with a tether now?
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    Renshaw weather station

    Up and running. Perfect.
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    Renshaw weather station

    Does anyone have info on when or if the weather station will be back operating. Thanks
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    2021-2022 Mcbride Conditions and Updates

    No passport Needed.
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    Over reving on the 850T

    You better double check the placement of the weight bolts. I think the tip ones are installed on the wrong side.
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    Over reving on the 850T

    Ya it appears to be a nice kit at a reasonable price too. And it comes with the tools to do the job.
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    Turcotte post forward kit for Polaris

    Wow its quiet….
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    Turcotte post forward kit for Polaris

    Thanks for posting the vid
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    Turcotte post forward kit for Polaris

    I’m a bit surprised this has not come up for discussion yet. I don’t know how to embed it from YouTube but I’m sure someone one does….please! He gives some very good insight into the 2 types of bar geometries which I know makes for great entertainment.
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    Very nice sled. But a little pricey for me. Did you catch the 5 lb weight gain with the new 10.5 gauge? I don’t remember that mentioned on the ski doo video’s. But I might have missed it.
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    Convince me that Ski-Doo's new 10 1/4" screen is worth the $$

    ordered new summit T with 4.5 display. If I can’t read it because it is covered in snow, its not happening! For the most part they are always covered. Polaris at least propped theirs up so it is readable. Gas, temp and rpm is all I care about. But that Polaris gauge is sure nice…
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    Over reving on the 850T

    Thanks for the info. I figured it had to be heavier.
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    Over reving on the 850T

    its good to hear you guys are tinkering, you will find your sweet spot. Did anyone ever weight the turbo tamer plate compared to the stock one. I’m just curious.
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    2023 Rumours

    It looks like the old rt1000. And I had one. If thats real there better be some super special changes to the rest of the platform. I hope.
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    Over reving on the 850T

    You should have gone back to the beginning of this thread. And listened to some of the comments and started with the simple changes. Or just picked up a turbo tamer kit now. Its not that complicated. I've seen lots of these surefire clutch kits over the years and they just remove money from your...
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    I feel dirty but I rode a Polaris boost matryx

    He had no spare QD belt and no one had a spare they could lend them to get it out.. Well he has been livin on the edge.
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    Over reving on the 850T

    Anyone now the weight of just the turbo tamer arm, no screws or washers…
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