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    Gas & Dash Landon Hill from Saskatchewan

    Funniest thing I've seen today 😂
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    3/4 Ton Gas Jobby

    6.0L gas are great engines. 8.1L is awesome too but more rare, I think just available in 3500's?
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    New vs old

    100%. my 2015 gmc is full of rock chips and inside of doors is already rusting. I wash it constantly too. I washed it 3 times last week and every time I wash it I find more chips and more rust. The new paint is garbage
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    Information on “sick days” regarding staffing shortages....

    I've definitely been getting sick a lot more the last couple years before and after taking the clot shot. Used to get sick once or twice a year and now I've been getting sick 4 or more times a year. Have noticed my employees have been getting sick way more often this year. 2 of my 4 employees...
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    Anyone Else Notice Good Business is a thing of the past?

    Lack of good employees is probably a lot of it. It is almost impossible to find anyone that wants to even show up let alone do quality work. I can hardly wait to sell my business cause it gets more frustrating every year.
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    Farmer talk

    Durum too. I booked most of my durum Last Friday for $14 and now it's down to $13.60.
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