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  1. 0neoldfart

    22 Khaos 155 Clutching Help

    Where do you generally ride? Rider weight with gear? Thing about clutch setup is it is dependent on type of snow, rider weight, elevation, modifications, etc. one Size does not fit all…
  2. 0neoldfart

    Sidewinder belt drive question

    Losing reverse does suck, hence why I'm on the fence about installing it on my (Sidewinder) King Cat, as I'm in my mid 50's now... But there is a significant weight reduction you can feel, and I actually geared my previous M1100T up slightly with excellent results. I ran that belt for 3000 miles...
  3. 0neoldfart

    850 Polaris brakes dragging

    I would think it is under warranty??? If it isn't, you need to figure out if the brake fluid is contaminated, meaning pull the master cylinder apart and see if the seals are swollen - a good indicator there has been a petroleum product introduced into it. You could also bench bleed the master...
  4. 0neoldfart

    Humorous picture thread

    You can’t fix stupid…especially in this day and age. Sad part is these people are breeding…
  5. 0neoldfart

    Starter Kit

    I believe there was an an accessory kit available in 2008 for the M-series, but it wasn’t cheap. Maybe find a used F or XF sled that is being parted out…
  6. 0neoldfart

    G5 - What’s the difference from a G4

    It’s better. It has to be. BRP needs to sell sleds lol Truth is, every manufacturer improves on their product line, and in turn the price goes up...
  7. 0neoldfart

    Race Rubbers for polaris in Canada

    Ski-Doo has been making those for years - just get an F / S / ZX chassis windshield rubber mount. They're cheap, fit perfectly, and you can still kill the sled if you push hard enough. Plus, it's a genuine ski-doo part, won't void your warranty lol
  8. 0neoldfart

    leave the throttle lever alone !

    ^^^^^^ ctd nailed it. Couldn't agree more.
  9. 0neoldfart

    Good aftermarket replacement track for Polaris 3”

    FYI, the power claw will fit on the polaris without issue so long as your drivers are correct. I'm running a 153 power claw on my wife's Polaris, which was a 155. This was probably the best modification I did to that sled...
  10. 0neoldfart

    MSRP +/- on New Diesels

    Build and price the truck you want on the manufacturer's website, print off the build and take it to your dealer, make the deal, put a deposit down and order it. I've ordered many vehicles from my local dealer, I don't pay retail for anything... even at 15% off MSRP the dealer is still making...
  11. 0neoldfart

    MSRP +/- on New Diesels

    2022 Ram 3500 Limited diesel with the HO engine and Aisin transmission, factory ordered in June, took delivery mid November. Was 15% below MSRP, and got amazing price for my 2016 3500 diesel... Factory orders are the way to go...
  12. 0neoldfart

    Super Clamp tie downs.

    I have a set of the adjustable on my deck for the rear superclamps, and two of the long adjustable track that run the full length of the deck, great for securing other stuff, quads, etc no issues with freezing really, if they get iced up a tip of the screwdriver works great. On my last enclosed...
  13. 0neoldfart

    The latest on the chip shortage

    I do believe that Fargo has its own facility or contractor making chips for the gas pickups and Jeeps in Brazil - when I ordered my 2022 3500 I was unable to get a power sunroof due to shortages... I imagine that replacement electrical components will be tough to find on any new vehicle in the...
  14. 0neoldfart

    4 season trailers

    Travelaire Genesis and Kustom Koach Legacy trailers (high end models) are decent in winter, but skirting is a must, heat taping sewer lines and heated water lines is a must. Electric heat helps a ton, I use a 250lb pig on mine in conjunction with an electric heater. Bear in mind that ANY true 4...
  15. 0neoldfart

    Crowsnest Pass / Fernie 2022?

    Thank you for the feedback.
  16. 0neoldfart

    Crowsnest Pass / Fernie 2022?

    Pretty much crickets on Fernie / Crowsnest Pass conditions thus far, was thinking of going for a ride next week. As I’m new to the area, is there anything open that would be decent for a family type ride? Thanks for any information…
  17. 0neoldfart

    3000 Watt Generators, Which Brand, Why?

    I have a Firman inverter that I use off grid a lot. It’s quiet, runs 14 + hrs on 1.8 us gallons, and will run anything / everything in my 34’ 5th wheel. I think I paid $830 for it. Hour meter crapped out at 1500 hrs, but it’s basically pull and go…
  18. 0neoldfart

    Who started in Mountains on a Fancooled Sled

    Started on a Blizzard 5500 Many moons ago…Wife / kids learned many years later (1998?) on a s-chassis with a 380/503 rotax, 136” with 1.5” paddles. Had Rev chassis after that, then M-series cats, proclimbs, and pro rmk / ascender sleds. Always had fun, learned to sidehill with the fan sleds to...
  19. 0neoldfart

    Change drivers out

    I'd change them, and probably go with Avids or similar. The torque of these sleds make pretty short work of the stockers. I'd also fully clip the track...
  20. 0neoldfart

    Slydog Attack Skis

    I'm running them on a King Cat (Sidewinder). Big improvement over stock, i would say they as good as the grippers, but they act differently. As mentioned, they are considerably more rigid...
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