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    Shellbourne Fuel Enhancer ( For Sale)

    Who exactly is the target audience? All the aftermarket turbo guys that are drastically disappearing?
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    MSRP +/- on New Diesels

    So everyone is still paying full pop MSRP?
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    For Sale - 2023 Summit Expert Turbo 165

    First all I agree, help the guy get it sold. Secondly, it's not "especially in Alberta" it's, "only in Alberta". Everywhere else, its $1500 more for a new one. My bad for not checking on location, sorry about that.
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    For Sale - 2023 Summit Expert Turbo 165

    I guess that explains why the used market in Alberta is ridiculously high. Everyone expecting to get their tax money back....
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    For Sale - 2023 Summit Expert Turbo 165

    I would imagine these are snowcheck backouts with the commodity surcharge. A buddy of mine from Alberta bought one a month ago from here as well and it had the surcharge as well as the 2 year warranty. He couldn't find one in Alberta, so he had me bring it from the lower mainland to Revy.
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    For Sale - 2023 Summit Expert Turbo 165

    Then you don't know what they cost. They are $23400 ish with a small gauge. Add $1200 Freight and pdi and $500 commodity surcharge. Works out to about $25,000 plus tax which is $1500 more than $23,500 plus tax. Not sure about Alberta, but in BC and Sask, you are paying the tax on the used one...
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    For Sale - 2023 Summit Expert Turbo 165

    Depends. It is for sure cheaper than buying a new one, but for $1500 more (assuming you won't deal of course) you can buy a new 2023 with 2 years warranty. I think you are asking in the right ballpark, but at the end of the season, I think most are waiting to see what happens to the market. And...
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    3/4 Ton Gas Jobby

    Today gas prices looks very attractive, but in a year or two, maybe not. Most years, diesel is cheaper, plus better fuel mileage. Buying new, it is only $10k extra for a duramax. You get double that back on used resale. Filter and oil is more, but I am only familiar with duramax's, as the last...
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    Used sled prices

    In another month they will be sitting until next fall.....
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    Catalyst Cat Chassis

    Yep, would be pretty good to spend $12k on an old used up chassis that the new state of the art Non-turbo doo can't keep up with....
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    Catalyst Cat Chassis

    Not sure any mountain riders care but their 2024 release is March 7th.
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    Baofeng Radios

    You can unlock them....
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    850 vs 9r

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    Muskoka Freerider

    To each his own I guess.....
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    Used sled prices

    Agree, but insurance and warranty are completely different animals. Complete loss vs $8k worse case?
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    Used sled prices

    And very expensive if it doesn't.....
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    This is interesting Part 2

    They would sell a whole bunch more gauges if the manufactures could get together and share that technology. There are zero reasons not to. Until then, our group will keep using our Rino's.
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    December House Sales Down 39% YoY, average sale price down 12% YoY

    Ya, kinda like most people when they buy a sled.....
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    Used sled prices

    There are 2 brand new G5's sitting on the dealer floor at GVP Langley from guys backing out.
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    Duramax Transmission Temp?

    Not if you are unloaded.....
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