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    April 25-27 sledding NEED ADVICE!!!!

    In blue river right now. Rode coulee drove to km 5 very patchy after that some long stretches of gravel. One sled has some new holes in its skies. There is still snow up top not much and hard though. Was probably about 15 above even up top. Had a great day being out in the mountains but no real...
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    Kakwa Trail Breakdown Results In Theft!!!!

    Haha ya i figured the gas may go but never expected to find my sled how it was. Ya we were heading back in looking for the guys camp that offered up his skimmer. Luckily the next day we were able to hammer the right side somewhat straight again and used about 50 feet of rope and a roll of duct...
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    Kakwa, AB - Dec 11, 2010 **Beware: Carnage**

    They also took a set of 5 dollar crappy tire ratchet straps. I like the way you think though. Its in their best interest that I never find out who they were! Bunch of low life scum
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    Kakwa Trail Breakdown Results In Theft!!!!

    Its to bad you think that. Ive been riding in the mountains for years now and can safely say anytime I have seen someone having a bad day everyone around is there to help. Hopefully you start to have better luck and run into the majority of people who ride the mountains and maybe your opinion...
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    Kakwa Trail Breakdown Results In Theft!!!!

    Most likely wasn't anyone with a camp, probably some guys just out for the day. I had a camp in last year and was never worried about someone stealing things out of it because the sledding community is a great bunch of people and we always look out for each other and help when we can. I left my...
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