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    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2022-2023

    Any word of the valemount area got the same snow as mcbride ?
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    kevin harvick to retire after this season from full time racing
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    Polaris goes boom!

    would suck if you have no insurance , know of at least one insurance company in alberta that is rejecting any fire claims on polaris due to the stop ride order
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    AV gas near Red deer

    blue wave energy ( shell bulk dealer) in olds
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    Who rents a sod cutter near Red Deer?

    home depot rents them
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    hot water tank needed

    you do not need a gas fitters ticket to buy or replace a hot water tanks unless you are altering the gas pipe on the meter side of the valve on the gas drop to the water tank
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    2022 Supercross Season who will win Opener in Anaheim Who will will the 250 and 450 Championship????

    at least we get the Races on tv this year may not be live but better than nothing
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    trip costs

    we split the diesel bill 50/50 i will drive one trip and my buddy drives the next trip
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    2023 Skidoo Summit Rev Gen 5 - Turbo R

    this is why they have limited the amounts of snow checks they are taking as they have probably have already ordered the problem items from 2022 ( gauges ,ecm.dess systems ) just picked up a new can-am on the weekend had to wait about a month for the gauge to come in (bosch gauge made in...
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    Sugar Bowl - Abraham Lake

    Went by the sugar bowl staging area today only a couple inches of snow along the highway at best
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    Sugar Bowl - Abraham Lake

    need to wait until later feb/ march before there is enough snow in the mountain riding areas out west of rocky
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    2021-2022 Revelstoke Area Updates

    Thanks for the heads up was really nice in there today as well
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    Linq 4 gallon Jerry Can Trade

    i have the smaller old style i would trade
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    Negative interest rates ?

    just did my renewal last month 1.40 % 5 year fixed
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    New home build costs wow.

    pvc and hdpe have been bad all year 40% increase since last December the hurricane that just hit new orleans is only making it worse over 1 billion pounds of PVC resin production will be lost if the plants stay off line for one month as predicted. hearing another 25 % increase is coming new...
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    Slow Propane Flow

    try closing the valve on the tank and opening slowly again and see it that fixes is have had the issue before
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    Hummingbird Falls Question

    you can drive a car right to humming bird falls
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    the last time Nascar was at nashville speedway
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    Trans issue? 68RFE

    should have powertrain warranty to 100k km
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