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  1. Summit 934

    Grizzly lodge

    That would be true if it was just a couple of drinks, but it’s not as I’m sure others will concur! It’s not just food, it’s absolute 5 star food! Even if a person only goes once it’s definitely a bucket list destination for sledders. The trip as a whole is just something you need to try at least...
  2. Summit 934

    Grizzly lodge

    No sorry just these ones.
  3. Summit 934

    Grizzly lodge

    Yes that’s right. My tab the last 2 years for drinks, fuel and store stuff was about $500. Honestly if all you went for was the food it would be worth every cent!!
  4. Summit 934

    Grizzly lodge

    It’s tough to get in there but maybe I can sweeten the deal…between a friend and I we actually have 6 permanent spots every year that we will be giving up after this years ride. I would have to confirm with the lodge that I could find someone to take over all the spots versus them having to go...
  5. Summit 934

    Grizzly lodge

    We’ve had some guys cancel this year so there’s 3 spots for sale Jan 12-15/23, 4 night stay, $1317.60/person. Shoot me a message for more info.
  6. Summit 934

    CNP 22/23 Season

    Time to get this one started. There’s between 4-6 feet in various areas but very little base so still lots of hidden land mines. This is going to eventually be a good base unfortunately there’s a hard crust 2-3 feet off the ground that did not bond well with future layers, could be a bit risky...
  7. Summit 934

    Shot Start

    I’m pretty sure they plan that! Lol
  8. Summit 934

    Cataract Creek Area snow conditions and trail condition thread for 2022/23

    Look me up if you want to go there’s good riding in that area for everyone. Can be tough to find if you don’t know where to go. Best access is from the York staging area at Coleman.
  9. Summit 934

    Shot Start

    That’s exactly what happened to my 19 as well. Apparently there’s a series of tests that are done and one of them is looking at that particular wire, just not sure which one it is but it’s a common problem...must’ve had the janitor crimping wires that day!
  10. Summit 934

    2022/2023 fernie season.

    I was up there a couple weeks ago to do some trail clearing for the club and the snow was about 4-5’ short everywhere. We’ve had a few decent snowfalls since then but haven’t been back in yet.
  11. Summit 934

    2022/2023 fernie season.

    I believe you’re mistaken, Atlas is no where near the tin shack. Atlas is only a couple miles west of Coleman then north to the staging area, the tin shack is on the BC side of the border down Corbin road on the right a few miles before the townsite.
  12. Summit 934

    Happy birthday.......

    Thanks Doug…cheers!🍻
  13. Summit 934

    2022/2023 fernie season.

    It’s a good start to the year and the forecast looks very promising but there‘s still a ton of land mines if you don’t know where to go. Gotta be patient guys, remember we aren't usually game on until Xmas. Same with CNP.
  14. Summit 934

    Humorous picture thread

    This ought to ruffle some feathers but too funny not to share!
  15. Summit 934

    S & M Courier Service

    Might be a long shot but WTH. I’ll have a new 20’ bumper pull horse trailer ready to pick up by mid October in Oklahoma City and need brought up to Sweetgrass. I know I could go the Uship route but would rather find someone through a referral that is going take care of it like it’s their...
  16. Summit 934

    Dog thread

    Mya-12 y/o Pom Dani-2 y/o Rat Terrier
  17. Summit 934

    John Deere snowblower

    I’ll check that, thank you!
  18. Summit 934

    John Deere snowblower

    I’m trying to help a buddy out tracking down some parts for a mid 1980’s John Deere 1026 walk behind snowblower but not having much luck, hoping someone might have one out in the junk pile collecting dust. I’m looking for the worm gears for the auger drive, specifically the aluminum gear off the...
  19. Summit 934

    Required: Sense of humor

    I bought a new Truck. I returned it to the dealer yesterday because I couldn't get the radio to work. The service technician explained that the radio was voice activated. "Nelson", the technician said to the radio. The radio replied, "Ricky or Willie?" "Willie!" he continued and "On The Road...
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