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  1. Tchetek

    Blue River 2022 -2023

    My buddy mentioned they closed it for logging, But I don’t see that info on sled blue river web site
  2. Tchetek

    Shaving lugs on a track?? Thoughts please?

    What sled and what pitch drivers are on it?
  3. Tchetek

    Mid April riding

    👆👆👆. Agree with that. Usually still parking in the main lots most April’s. but the roads are some time soft and gross. Mornings can be real icy going up bell with a big trailer.
  4. Tchetek

    Trail Tech GPS

    Do like the poos been doing for for the old PIDD gauge. Or mod the connectors on👇
  5. Tchetek

    Thank you Revelstoke snowmobile club!

    Sweet, ya they go great, but I think they could use more track speed when the snow is soft. I wouldn’t have realized that until I watched our 120 animal mod woop the 200’s ass climbing over Little bell. We have been there a few days where the 200 won’t make the climb. I’m thinking of...
  6. Tchetek

    Thank you Revelstoke snowmobile club!

    Sounds like a great time! How’s the 200? Did he get a chance to pin some big hills!
  7. Tchetek

    Random Pictures Thread

    You find the Long haired Freak?
  8. Tchetek

    Blue River 2022 -2023

    She’s deep! Great day!
  9. Tchetek

    Baofeng Radios

    I can never say it’s the same radio consistently. Seams random. I have about 8 radios. Usually haul up an extra radio and a couple extra mic’s to swap out what ever is acting up that day.
  10. Tchetek

    Baofeng Radios

    👍. Pretty sure I’ve cranked them all to 9 by now.
  11. Tchetek

    Baofeng Radios

    You have any suggestions on why a uv82hp decides to do random static bursts! Some days somebody’s radio decides to randomly go crazy? My other issues have been external mic’s having shitty connection in the jacks. People can hear through the mic but it won’t transmit when the talk. I have...
  12. Tchetek

    FSR Accident

    I’m interested in what radio he had?
  13. Tchetek

    Riding partner

    If we may it out it’s probably gonna be Thursday and Friday for riding days.
  14. Tchetek

    For Sale - Axys QD1 belt and Pro Rmk gears

    Hey I forgot about these. You still have them? Sent you a PM.
  15. Tchetek

    Small Business Credit Cards

    Well Fawk! Them bitches charge me $150 on the primary card and $50 per extra card holder per year. The Your is the business visa?
  16. Tchetek

    Small Business Credit Cards

    I’m the same as Pano 👆but with a TD travel visa. It’s fine. Get lots of points that transfer back to cash credits for travel purchases. 10,000 points is $50. Don’t need to book your travel through a specific program. You Can book anything from anywhere then call in to transfer you points...
  17. Tchetek

    Anyone Else Notice Good Business is a thing of the past?

    I got great customer service Today! I melted the buckle on my BCA Vest and my boy broke 2 of the Boa’s on his snowboard boots last week when we were sledding. I Emailed customer service from BCA and Boa last night and both companies replied that the parts are sent and shipped free of...
  18. Tchetek

    Sled Decks

    Deck trips are nice for 2 person travel. But there is also nothing like having a heated trailer to dress, un-dress, and hang out/party in!🍻🤟 It’s best to have both!
  19. Tchetek

    Sled Decks

    Only way to roll!
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