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  1. Heimie

    Looks like the triples are back

    Oh, man, if it was though...........:yahoo:
  2. Heimie

    Older Carbed Sleds in the Mountains Advice Needed

    I'm not sure I need to worry about clutch weights on the Vmax or Excel, they should be ok, but the Summit has clickers. I doubt any of them will see WOT at all, unless I jump on and try to fool around on the old iron in the alpine! Carry extra plugs?!? These are all old 2 strokes and one's a...
  3. Heimie

    Older Carbed Sleds in the Mountains Advice Needed

    Hey everyone. I need some advice/help. I am finally bringing the whole family to McBride for the kids' spring break! We plan on riding to Lucille cabin one day and then the trek to Renshaw cabin the next. I need advice for jetting for this trip. I am bringing a '98 Vmax 700, '98 Summit 583...
  4. Heimie

    trip costs

    My truck is full when we leave. Fill in Hinton and save this receipt. Then drive from Hinton to destination and back to Hinton, fill up. The first leg (home to Hinton) gets doubled (Hinton to home) and the fuel between the Hinton fill ups (driving to the destination and back to Hinton)...
  5. Heimie

    2021-2022 Mcbride Conditions and Updates

    No. Me and my buddy don't deal with confrontation well, and didn't feel like getting into it - meaning if we got static, it would probably have escalated. We left and went riding for another 1/2 hour and split, as it was the end of the day anyway. I see what you're getting at, and no matter...
  6. Heimie

    2021-2022 Mcbride Conditions and Updates

    Oh, and the group that was smoking ciggies and pot in the Lucille cabin, give your head a shake. More then just you guys that use the cabins and mountain. I'm bringing my kids and wife up, sure hope we don't run into that again. My sled gear still reeks, 2 days later and we were only in the...
  7. Heimie

    2021-2022 Mcbride Conditions and Updates

    Belle was pretty good yesterday. Sun was out and weather warmed up a little. In the trees and away from all the main areas we found lots of fresh. Seems like anything technical in the trees or just getting away from all the straight pulls, we found decent snow.
  8. Heimie

    2021-2022 Mcbride Conditions and Updates

    We rode Renshaw today. We didn’t travel too far from the cabin and found decent snow. In the meadows was about 1 ft and lots of tracks but we still rode fresh. In the trees was 1-2 ft and still some to be found. The main routes are like highways, and it was socked in a little so we never went to...
  9. Heimie

    Let the Predictions start, What's in for 2023??

    I don't understand your comment, Aaron. I am on old iron. 4600 kms, with a fix kit. No recalls though. I don't like the meaningless graph and sorry if you don't like that I was contradicting your opinion that Polaris is junk, here on Doo and Mud. :LOL:
  10. Heimie

    Let the Predictions start, What's in for 2023??

    This means nothing. Typical find something on the internet that validates your opinion and run with it. It doesn't say anything about which OHVs (sleds, quads, side by sides, bikes). And it doesn't say anything about how many units sold for how many recalls or which OHVs were recalled. If 50...
  11. Heimie

    2022 Backcountry Set Up Help

    Hey everyone. My buddy just picked up a 2022 Backcountry XRS, 850, 154"x2.5" track. I am not very familiar with Ski-Doos, so I thought maybe some people can help us out. We are headed to Vale, and would like some advice for the set up of the suspension and clutch clickers. It has the KYB...
  12. Heimie

    Go Pro Batteries

    I have the GoPro Hero 3. Nothing but issues with the batteries. I rarely pull it out of the back pack or bring it along, because it always dies. Just seems to take up room in the pack and for what? Useless. I carry a cheap digital camera in my handlebar bag now. Not great for videos but...
  13. Heimie

    200cc snowscoot size and age

    My son and daughter started on a 120 when he was 5 and she was 4. Moved him to an '82 Enticer 250 when he was 7. He then got on an '87 Excel-3 340 when he was 9, and she moved to the ET250 at 8. They both ride Excel-3 340s now, and he is 11 turning 12 in Feb., and she just turned 10. Running...
  14. Heimie

    Weekend snow

    What is being done to the Belle cabin? The other two cabins have had some nice upgrades in the last couple years.
  15. Heimie

    fish cops

    Curtis, we don't have it as good. Here in AB we cannot get registration without proof of valid insurance.
  16. Heimie

    Renshaw Spring Riding

    Was just in McBride this past weekend. There were at least half a dozen trailers and deck parked at the Holmes river on Saturday, and one trailer and deck on Sunday.
  17. Heimie

    Shovel Mount for Tunnel Pelican

    This is also what I used. I have the small Mountain Addiction jerry can and storage bin. I modified the rails to split them a little and my extra shovel is parallel to the tunnel, in between the Mountain Addiction cans.
  18. Heimie

    Sled Deck Pros and Cons

    I use 1/2" round aluminum stock from Princess Auto. One end has a 90 degree 4" hook and the other a 90 degree 8" hook. Great for hooking jerry cans, rubbermaid handles, milk crates, etc. For storage it slides on top of the ramp, between the ramp and deck when the ramp is put away. I do like...
  19. Heimie

    Polaris 2022 Release

    Pricing seems to be very close to Ski Doo. I did find 4 year warranty on the site, but could not determine if that was across all models. Cool if it is, though. Also for everyone claiming it's a flop because it was a quick release to respond to Doo, Burandt claims he's been testing for 2...
  20. Heimie

    Fernie season 2020/2021

    Hey everyone! Is there any ethanol free gas stations in town? The cardlock is supposed to be supporting the FSA, so do they sell ethanol free? Also, is where do I pick up the trail passes and some maps? Or is it just easiest to purchase the passes online? Also does Coal Creek and Morrissey...
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