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    Arctic cat HDX side by side

    This is an absolute must for anyone with a prowler or an hdx or any others with the air box breather down low under the box - this one had such a plugged air filter that it backfired and spun the cam 180 degrees out Sent from my SM-A505W using Tapatalk
  2. K

    Gen 4 to gen 5 changes

    I'm a doo guy but the gen 4 was a terrible design - do a top end in one with the bottom end in the chassis and you will see - the ground strap on mag side of the jug and the wire harness mounted to the side of the jug and the motor mount there too - what a terrible design - they shoulda pumped...
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    Iron Dog

    I wanted to comment and say "don't take the Boa's they won't f*kin make it!" [emoji1787]
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    Garage furnace help pls

    I have the Mr heater propane heater in my shop and I keep having issues with the rubber hose fitting on the exhaust side - it was getting blocked off with corrosion and shutting furnace down - cleaned it out with haywire - lasted a month - did it again - figured I would drill it out - lasted a...
  5. K

    2 in 1 scratchers

    Decided I was finally done buying 2-3 sets of ice storms this season - so I made a set out of the rsi dbl coil scratchers from royal distributing and the carbide tips off of the ice storms - just another custom thing I built for the dirty banana - goin for diesel mileage on these b*stands...
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    Snowmobile insurance

    Does anyone know of sled insurance that covers engine failure and a chopper ride - wawanesa sure doesn't - not sure if it's a thing - or maybe a sled specific insurance outfit any help would be appreciated
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    Night riding this season

    I have an x1000 for my helmet - didn't want to add anymore weight to my helmet - so I built this 2500 lumen gopro chest mount led light setup for night rides - powered off the sled - mounted them vertical because they seemed to bounce less - still in early r&d stages - I'm 6'2" so they have alot...
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    Sledding buddy

    Looking to do a renshaw run like mid week - looking for someone to ride with because I have no buddies that are on the same schedule as me - is there a nobody sleds alone Mcbride page?
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    Neils power pipes

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a really really hard time getting an appt for a rip on the sled dyno @ NPP? As far as I know this is the only sled dyno in Alberta - I might just travel to Cherryville BC here soon
  10. K

    Raptor front shock springs

    I was told there is no other spring that I can put on these - I'm finding these shocks are terrible for my overall setup - should I go with fox airs? Exits? She's a tad heavy in the front then throw my carcass on there - need some Nissan struts I think [emoji848][emoji1787]
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    Turbo snowmobile oiling system insight

    So I just recently had to change my turbo oil pump because it got to hot and the housing warped and ended up leaking - heat issue is rectified now with temp sensor extension on straight pipe - on the outlet fitting it had a carb slow jet threaded into the backside of the fitting as a limiter - I...
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    Bertans-Lowest IQ’s, highest Covid infections in Canada. Justin Trudeau re elected

    It's not your fault - it's a generations fault - I'm just not a people person - an have always had a short fuse - but on a positive note most keyboard warriors won't say things in person that they will on here
  13. K

    Doo etec 800 jug - new

    Can anyone help me in locating a new 800 etec jug and a set of wossners and gasket set - I've been waiting forever for Mots machine to get one - still waiting - I called cv tech - they said like 3 weeks or more for a jug - I'm on my way to EDM to talk to Tom - I dunno f*k me I just want this...
  14. K

    Engine honing in Edmonton

    So I have an 800 etec topend in EDM at mots - been there 2 weeks now - they are waiting for some honing tool of somesort said it could be another 2 weeks - long story short who else in EDM does sled engine services
  15. K

    Snowmobile castor wheel stands

    $225/ set - rated @ 750lbs EA - track bar comes out for mountain track or the old scorper - patent pending - hit me up on here or my Facebook page - Todd's small engine repair
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    Awesome people out sledding

    Rode Chappell today - met dragonweld & caper11 - sick dudes + loved chatting sleds with them - my brother blew a shock out yesterday some other sick people got him a set of shocks brought out from EDM - o fell in a gnarly hole on the lower Lake and some other sick guys from the mac helped me...
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    Water to air turbo system

    If you have a water to air and want it to produce more HP contact me
  18. K

    Metal monoliths - aliens or new age crop circles?

    This one's got me wondering wtf? https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-55056570
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    Need help with obd?

    Need an automotive mechanic to help me figure out what weapon I need to check my codes - thx in advance for any help - took it to the car wash and washed under the hood and now the check engine light is on
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    Every bad experience I've ever had

    I just wanna say that every single bad experience I've had in the motorsports world has always been with a person that is an owner of a certain breed of machine - I don't wanna name any names - but I think you people will know which one - yesterday was a close one - almost escalated...
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