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    Wanted - Summit 850 Turbo Can

    I actually talk to Justin from silber at haydays. he said doo can't see flash after put back to stock. This is only up to 22 for now. They have to see a 23 to see if they changed anything on the ecu. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
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    Stuffing the trailer

    This works for some trailers but mine doesn't have enough tongue weight if I do that and pulls very loose
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    Stuffing the trailer

    U can easily get 5 in 28'. Drive 2 in. Kick back ends to the wall and drive the 3 rd one in the middle. Back the last 2 in.
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    Concrete question?

    Wow that is quite the finishing job. I do concrete for a living in the states and I have no idea y someone would put that much slope to a drain. If it was me personally I would tear it out. Raise the drain and repour with 4" of concrete. I am not sure on what equipment u have available to u...
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    What do you carry that others may not have thought about?

    I carry Vicodin along with ibuprofen. I actually used it a few weeks ago after a bad wreck. I ended up with a facture vertebrae and bruised ribs. Sure took the edge off the pain. I don't know if I would of been able to ride out without it.
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    Red line turbo kits

    Dude u need to get a live. Let's get this thread back on track. Start a new thread ktm.
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    2015 800 Etec with p1477 code

    To bad I am in the states. Only about a 20 hour drive 1 way. I might have to give them a call. I would love to get rid of all that rave crap. Sure gives me trouble about once a year.
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    2015 800 Etec with p1477 code

    I love to here more about deleting the pesky check valve and solenoid. How do u do it and do u have a check engine light?
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    2015 800 Etec with p1477 code

    So are u says when the sled is at idle the rave valves aren't closed? If u Rev it up do the raves close? They should at least close when u Rev it up. I would start with the white plastic manifold and pressure check all the lines from the manifold to the rave valves. Sounds like to me u have...
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    2008 Summit clutch tools help

    U can get by without the gear alignment tool and just remove the chaincase cover. I did it that way for a long time before I bought the tool. Plus it is a good idea to check your chain and gears over. For the clutch spring tool are u talking primary or secondary? For the primary u can just...
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    Oakley Goggles

    Hell my favorite goggles are o frame Oakley that are going on 13 years old. I just keep replacing the lenses but they are getting hard to come buy. I have tried the 509 and klim but keep going back to the old trusty.
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    Ford 5.4 Exhaust Manifold

    I have done it a few times. They are a piece of cake on a f150 compared to a f250. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
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    Tunnel bags?

    Who made the brackets on the bottom? Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
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    Enclosed Trailer Heating

    I found that buying on eBay is a way better deal then buying local here but I am in the states. Search "tntt forums". I know its not a snowmobile trailer but they have a enclosed trailer section. Lots of ideas their.
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