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  1. Heimie

    Older Carbed Sleds in the Mountains Advice Needed

    Hey everyone. I need some advice/help. I am finally bringing the whole family to McBride for the kids' spring break! We plan on riding to Lucille cabin one day and then the trek to Renshaw cabin the next. I need advice for jetting for this trip. I am bringing a '98 Vmax 700, '98 Summit 583...
  2. Heimie

    2022 Backcountry Set Up Help

    Hey everyone. My buddy just picked up a 2022 Backcountry XRS, 850, 154"x2.5" track. I am not very familiar with Ski-Doos, so I thought maybe some people can help us out. We are headed to Vale, and would like some advice for the set up of the suspension and clutch clickers. It has the KYB...
  3. Heimie

    2013 Assault RMK Suspension Set Up - Looking for advice

    Hello everyone. I own a 2013 Pro RMK Assault. I am looking for any tips or advice anyone has for the suspension set up. Currently: Least amount of pre-load as possible on front ski shocks Clickers 2 up from the softest setting on the ski shocks Rear sag set up for my weight with gear and 5L...
  4. Heimie

    2022 Sled Rumors??

    Anyone hear what's coming down the pipe from the manufacturers yet? Is it safe to assume Polaris might be bringing the Matryx platform to a lot more sleds? Any truth to Ski Doo with a new chassis? What about Arctic Cat and a new engine? Yamaha.... please tell me they are releasing their own...
  5. Heimie

    Axys 800 Reliability

    Hey everyone. Just wondering how the new 800s are compared to the old 800s? I have a 2013 RMK Assault and was thinking about upgrading to a new Axys 800. Do they need fix kits, or anything? Oil pumps turned up? Clutch springs and weights? Or good enough out of the box, grip it and rip it...
  6. Heimie

    Sled Deck Hoist

    Home made sled deck hoist. Replied to another thread as well with this post. Was a prototype or first attempt. If anyone is looking to build something similar maybe they can improve upon my design! I should have made it a little wider. I cannot get my sled trailer inside. I am planning...
  7. Heimie

    Where to Wear the Transceiver with a Vest?

    Hey everyone. I just bought a Highmark Vest for this year. Also have a Pieps DSP Sport. Now the harness that comes with the beacon is a nice neoprene unit and fits well. I can't imagine wearing this under the vest, after trying it on in the house. I couldn't imagine how uncomfortable it...
  8. Heimie

    Mountain Side Products Offset Spindles for Pro and Axys

    Well, I just installed these 1" offset spindles on my '13 RMK Assault. They are made by Mountain Side Products (https://mtnsideproducts.com/) out of New Hampshire. They are a very nice product. Fit and finish are top notch. The guys were great to deal with. The spindles they offer are...
  9. Heimie

    Racers Edge Vmax/Mountain Max Chassis

    Hey guys. I found an unbelievable score on a Racers Edge chassis. It's not hot, was a legit deal. I have the tunnel, front suspension, steering, rear skid, fuel tank, Digatron 3 EGT gauge with water temp, Bender triple pipes, chain case, driveshaft with extrovert drivers, custom helix on the...
  10. Heimie

    AST1 by Hangfire McBride Feb.18/19

    There's still some spots available!
  11. Heimie

    AST1 by Hangfire McBride Feb.18/19

    Hey guys, there are a couple spots left for this course and they need to fill them!
  12. Heimie

    '13 RMK Assault Front Spring Options?

    Hey everyone. So, I have the rear skid on my Assault dialed in to where I'm pretty happy with it. The front not so much. I have put the skis to the narrow setting, and this machine doesn't come with a sway bar. I run the WE clickers at about 2 from the softest, maybe 3. I weigh 170 without...
  13. Heimie

    One Last Ride, May Long! Where to go?!?

    Hey everyone. Looking to head out for a couple days this May long. Where should we go? Either Clemina in Vale, or maybe McBride? I'm most familiar with McBride, never been to Clemina. Does anyone have any updates as to snow conditions or trails? Can we get a truck and small 2 place trailer...
  14. Heimie

    Where to ride mid May?

    Hey everyone. So, I'm stuck at work for the turnaround until mid May. I want to get out to the mountains for my birthday. Hell of a way to celebrate, eh? Anyway, just wondering where I should be planning this trip to? Was thinking about Revy, but we are open to going farther south to either...
  15. Heimie

    Kitty Cat vs. Mini 120

    Hey everyone. I'm looking at buying a little machine for my boy. He's turning 5 in early Feb. Just wondering if anyone can tell me the difference in physical size of the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat and the newer Mini 120s. He's a little taller than most kids his age, and not sure if he would out...
  16. Heimie

    Quick Fist clamps - Where to buy in Canada or Edmonton area?

    Does anyone know where to pick up Quick Fist clamps around here? Their website wants a ridiculous amount of money for shipping, and I wouldn't mind putting my hands on some before buying them. Thanks. Here is a link: Quick Fist Rubber Clamps for Off Road, Racing, Fire Departments...
  17. Heimie

    Sled Video Premiers in Edmonton?

    Does anyone know if there are any sled video premiers happening in Edmonton? Would love to go to a pub or something and watch the screening of a new video! I know a lot of them are coming out soon.
  18. Heimie

    Mid April 2014 ride video

  19. Heimie

    Glen @ Spindrift

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Glen at Spindrift in McBride. My buddy and I were there last weekend, and he had some cracking issues with the top plate on the steering post of his '09 Dragon, where if left, the bars would surely have broken right off while up on the mountain. Dropped off...
  20. Heimie

    Where to ride April 9-13?

    Like it says, looking to make one last trip to the mountains April 9th-13th somewhere. Looking for some fairly easy terrain for my buddy who has never been to the mountains. Travelling from Edmonton. Would love to go back to McBride, or Vale. Just don't know where the best snow will be...
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