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    Dog thread

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    eBikes and related things.

    Sounds good, I will check them out next week. Thanks
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    eBikes and related things.

    Does anyone know if there is a dealer in or around Edmonton that handles the Amp or Volt bikes? It sounds like they might be worth looking at for first bikes.
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    2022 Rally’s

    Just wondering if there are other rally’s going on besides the ones listed on A.S.A site?
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    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Giant Tiger in westlock had some 1000, 500 and 350 piece puzzles today. We picked up a couple for the mother in law.
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    THANK YOU & PRIZE WINNERS - Athabasca Rally

    We had a great time. The trails, food and people were great. We want to commended you folks for putting on such a great rally��
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    S & M Courier Service

    I will be leaving Calgary Friday afternoon going through Edmonton, if that works for you?
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    S & M Courier Service

    Re: S & M Courier Service Going through Edmonton heading to Calgary tomorrow, if any one needs anything taken to Calgary.
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    S & M Courier Service

    Re: S & M Courier Service Leaving Calgary around 4 pm Oct.5 going to Edmonton, returning to Calgary Oct 9th. Long box one ton. I will also be leaving Calgary oct 13th around 4 pm and heading directly to the ASPS sled show.
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    Pro Climb 10pc. Vent kit - MOUNTAIN FIT HOODS

    Thanks a lot, I just finished installing these vents, should make big difference.
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    Pro Climb 10pc. Vent kit - MOUNTAIN FIT HOODS

    Does anyone have a picture of this kit installed on a white Pro Climb? I would like to see what it looks like once installed.
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    Shell Advance Ultra Snowmobile Oil

    How do the power valves look after running the shell synthetic for a season?
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    925 big bore

    Try not to scratch her up to much next weekend. lol
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    Fly hills and Crowfoot

    Any word on the conditions at Fly hills or the Crowfoot? Heading that way in a few days.:)
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    anybody looking for 1994 580 ext arctic cat part

    If its a fuely, im looking for the fuel pump relay.
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    1993 Arctic Cat Puma 340 Fuel problem

    We had the same thing happen to us a few years ago, we were getting condisation into the fuel pump from the vacuim hose, when it got cold it would freeze the diaphram. Fuel pump is easy to take apart and clean.
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    brp heated goggles?

    How do you think they would work over glasses?
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    7' wide trailer and 3 sleds

    I load 3 162's the same way as DragonCFI with no problems.
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