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    2022 Rally’s

    Just wondering if there are other rally’s going on besides the ones listed on A.S.A site?
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    Pro Climb 10pc. Vent kit - MOUNTAIN FIT HOODS

    Does anyone have a picture of this kit installed on a white Pro Climb? I would like to see what it looks like once installed.
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    Fly hills and Crowfoot

    Any word on the conditions at Fly hills or the Crowfoot? Heading that way in a few days.:)
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    Any good deals out there? Looking for a quiet 2000 - 3000 Honda / Yamaha for the sled trailer.
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    Sled Lift

    Does any one know if the Princess Auto sled lift is any good?
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    oil in air box

    :confused:Just pulled my airbox on my 07 m8 and found it soaked with oil. I know I have been burning a little rich but is this normal?
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    How are the snow conditions? Is it being groomed?
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    Places to stay in CNP

    :dAny recomidations on where to stay when at CNP? A hot tub would be great.
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    Doctor creek and Brewer

    Does anyone know if there are actual staging areas or should a person find a safe place to park on the side of the road? :o
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    Fairmount Trails?

    We will be at Fairmount during Christmas and the wife would like to trail ride. Is there anything close by?
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    Radium conditions?

    We are spending a week at Christmas time in Radium and was wondering how the conditions are? Cheers;)
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    Edmonton sled show

    Had a great time at the show this year. A special thanks to Specialty sleds and the folks at the Summer Sucks Booth(the wife likes her mug)
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    staging areas

    Leaving on Friday(gone for 8 days) to ride Crowfoot, Owlshead, Blue Lake, and Hunters Range. Is there still decent access for a 4 place enclose trailer or should we leave it at home? Thanks
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    Poker Rally's?

    Any poker rally's this coming weekend?
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    07 M6 RPM's?

    Can anyone tell me what the peak RPM's of an M6 should be? Im thinking it should be higher than my M8.
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    07 M8 clutching

    Picked up a new 07 M8, should a person clutch according to the 08 clutch spec?
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