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  1. modmanmike

    oil pressure sensor on an apex

    im flashing code 85. oil pressure sensor fault. just curious if anybody knows if this is the sensor on the oil tank or what the heck the deal is?
  2. modmanmike

    whats the word on these 'Rapid Bikes"

    Ive heard lots of peeps like these and a few peeps that really dont... I want some opinions please. be honest.
  3. modmanmike

    Fishing in Northern Ontario

    Sooo... It has always been a dream of mine to go to northern Ontario fishing for Musky, Bass, Trophy walleye and Pike. Im taking 2 weeks this summer and gonna go and just do it! I'm just wondering if any of you folks here have ever been? Are there any places you might recomend? I have a few...
  4. modmanmike

    looking for a honda 450 or 500 in decent shape.

    Im looking for a decent machine that isnt destroyed. My brute force is just too much machine to be using at work every day. if you or someone u know has a honda for sale or that u might consider letting go of let me know. ***** It must be a Honda!!!**** no exceptions pm me or my cell number...
  5. modmanmike

    Thorough Yamaha mechanics in Alberta????

    Just curious if glueing a rollover valve in place after the customer spends $9000 at your shop is common practice???
  6. modmanmike

    cooking on a yamaha 4 stroke?

    probably a stupid question but does anybody know of any sort of cooking instrument/muffpot or way that a person could rig something up? I've scratched my head and come up blank every time!
  7. modmanmike

    162x2.5x16 camo x and 162 rails for sale.

    have a 162x2.5x16 3pitch usedthe track for 2 days for sale. and a set of nice timbersled rails to go with it. going to a 174... make me an offer. need to get rid of it to make room in the garage. pm me track is sold... still have the rails and some nice drop brackets for an apex for sale.
  8. modmanmike

    Aftermarket Apex hoods...

    looking for a new hood for my T-apex. the one i have is cracked cant remember who its made by but im looking for some companies that make some nice stuff. not fiberglass junk either. Thanks
  9. modmanmike

    Happy Birthday SBR!

    Happy Birthday oldtimer! hope ya have a good one!
  10. modmanmike

    CR tunnel for 162 tapex

    looking for a CR tunnel for the horse. if anybody has one for sale or knows somebody that wants to sell one. rear mount turbo.
  11. modmanmike

    Tapex exhaust

    wondering if any of you know of an exhaust system that wont keep cracking every couple thousand kms. its starting to piss me off. tried the rx1 exhaust and that wasnt any better.
  12. modmanmike

    ÉÉÉÉÉé What the heck is this

    I dont know what i did but I cant get my question mark and other things to work normal... How do I fix thisÉ HELP ME SOMEBODY!!!
  13. modmanmike

    Caterpillar/BRP Tundra Turbo

    took this turbo off a 3500hp gas compressor engine. Looks like it should bolt right up:d maybe we should try a rear mount set up???
  14. modmanmike

    Sorry Thread

    just wanted to say sorry.... what? now your mad! I'm sorry
  15. modmanmike

    2008 Rincon Exhaust

    just blew a hole in my exhaust on the ol rincon. looking for a used exhaust. preferrably stock cuz its for my work quad.
  16. modmanmike

    Fuel Edson vs hinton

    FYI fuel is 2 cents cheaper in hinton then edson
  17. modmanmike

    What do you call them???

    It seems to me that there's alot of names for... Underwear, panties, gonchies, underbritches, nuthuggers... I'm sure we haven't heard them all tho!
  18. modmanmike

    classic movies!

    I was on s&m and watched Harry and The Hendersons! what a great movie! Then good old John Candy and The Great Outdoors! what a great night of veggin out! What are your fav classic movies?
  19. modmanmike

    Error code on an 06 apex mtn.

    *Does any body know what code 30 or 81 are? They flashed up then went away. I'm curious
  20. modmanmike

    Error code on an 06 apex

    Just wondering if anybody knows what error codes 30 and 81 are? Had them come once today then everything was good. I'm just curious if it's something to be concerned about.
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