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    09 xp blowen motor on rental

    jhsummit, thanks for the information, saw the same thing happen when one of the rental shops in Revy tried that on an ussuspecting renter, he held his ground and the DB backed off. Having said that, i am sure rental companies could write a book about stupid stuff they see and have to deal with.
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    Though you wre riding today, WTF

    Though you wre riding today, WTF
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    Northland Sno-Goes (Fox Creek) Welcome to the Town of Fox Creek is on the 11-13 February Whitecourt Trail Blazers Home of the Whitecourt Trailblazers the 19 and 20 February Swan Hills SnoGoers Swan Hills - HOME the 26th of February Hope this helps 330AC
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    Riders in Edson

    The Ski-Doo dealership in Edson 780-723-5775, use to be called SkyLine
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    Riders in Edson

    Bought myself a DJ clutch kit for Christmas and lo and behold you need a special tool to change the helix. Called around a bit to see if i could purchase one with no luck. Called Riders in Edson and the fellow said sure, bring it over we can help. Walked into the store and the fellow sent...
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    Major Drivetrain Vibration

    pulled the drivers out and one of the wheels was lemon shaped and the shaft was bent. got shaft out of BLB from a ZX for a few hundred dollars and back in business. One case of beer and ready to ride. Thanks for the reply 330AC
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    Major Drivetrain Vibration

    Have a 2007 800 Summit with a major drive train vibration. Have checked the drivers, skid, alignment both the clutch and skid, belt and track The vibration is the worst at high speed under full power (obvioulsy). Not real detectable at an idle. Don't see any leaks or seals gone on the clutch...
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    Change a 163 to a 154

    i went the other way and stretched my 154. I ended up buying a complete suspension for a SM member and doing a gear change. should have swapped sleds, saved a bunch of work for both!
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    New powder coating

    Looks very nice, who did the powder coating? How much $$ for the pieces that were treated. cheers
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    Gearing for 163

    Thanks for the info, i will get back to you on the 49T, where do you get roosterbuilt kits from? Thanks JB
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    Gearing for 163

    Stretching my 2008 from 154 to 163, any recommendations on gearing and clutching change ups? Currently running stock gears and clutching. Thanks 330 AC
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    I picked up the same track over the weekend, thanks for the reply

    I picked up the same track over the weekend, thanks for the reply
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    163" XP track for sale

    How many KM on the track, were the 2010 tracks vented? I am interested if still available, PM me thanks 330AC
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    Will it Fit?

    Found a cheap track and skid and might throw it in my 08
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    Will it Fit?

    Will the track and skid 163X16X2.5 out of a 2007 1000 Summit fit a 2008 XP skid? Thanks in advance
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    Goodbye Gray Creek Powerline Ride

    The reason any industrial company removes access is to remove their enviormental liability associated with the project, and in this case the powerline access. The reason they dig ditches and remove bridges is the first time some user group drive their ATV's or 4X4 through the creek you have a...
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    Whats your background?

    I have enjoy the reaction that LHF gets from the most insane posts and questions and the heated reaction from some of the knowledgeable members. it does fill the hours waiting for snow
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    08 Primary torque spec

    Sorry, it's an 08 XP 800, it think 06 was 90 lbs. See you have an XP what with the belt adjustment and opener on the secondary? Somebody must have been drunk when they engineered that abomination 330AC
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    08 Primary torque spec

    Any member know the torque spec on the primary clutch. i could not find anything in the manual and am reinstalling after cleaning. Thanks in advance 330AC
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    riding conditions in hudson bay

    the farther north and east you go in Sask the better the snow. my folks are in HBay and lots of snow in the bush. town of hudson bay website has trail information. 330AC
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