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    Any skidoo RV experts on here?

    Looking for someone to replace the seals on the crank, the seals which separate the rotary section from the crank bearings. Motor is a 354 L/C rotary valve. I am located in the Edmonton area. Shoot me a PM if you know of someone. Thank you
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    I would like to rent a Equinox Snowcoach Sleigh for a day

    Looking to rent an enclosed snowcoach sleigh for a day (Saturday March 9, 2019). I am in the Edmonton area and plan to use it in the Edmonton area that day. If anyone has one they would like to rent for the day please PM me. Thank you
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    Best lake camping within 2 hours of edmonton

    Looking for a nice campground, provincial or regional, within 2 hours of Edmonton. Preferably with a beach and playground for small kids. Group site would be best for our group, all families with small kids. Power would be nice but not a big deal. Thunder Lake? Moose Lake? thanks in advance
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    Beach for kids in Alberta??

    Looking for a nice beach with clean lake water to take our one year old for the day. Was thinking maybe forfar, crimson lake. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    2007 GMC 2500 and up new body style any good

    Looking at a 2007 GMC 2500hd 6.0 litre. Are there any issues with this new body style that I should be concerned about? It is crewcab short box with 3:73 and 6 speed auto. Any information or insight would be great. My last two trucks were 2003 and 2005 crewcabs. Was happy with both, no issues...
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    F150 question 5.4 L or 5.0 L

    To all the F150 owners. I am looking for a new to me truck. Would love a 2013 F150 but not in the cards right now. Budget is $25 000. Need a super crew 4 x 4 with 6.5 foot box. Should I purchase a 2009-2010? Or should I save some extra cash and wait to buy a 2011 and up? Not interested in the...
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    Best place to take old skidoo engine for a rebuild in the edmonton area

    Have two old sleds that need the motors freshened up and checked out. 1976 olympic 340 F/C and 1979 Blizzard 7500 L/C. Looking for someone or a business that is reputable. I will be keeping and riding these sleds often, so I would like a good job done on them. Thanks for your help
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    leaking roof on rv trailer, best fix?

    I have an older fifth wheel trailer and the roof is leaking at joints and around the roof vents. What kind of products are people using to repair. Anyone linex the roof of there trailer. Trailer is older with a tin roof. Thanks
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    rear axle seals on 2005 2500HD questions?

    In the process of replacing both rear axle seals, rotors and pads. Also installing rear brake guards, hope they work... Anyone know how to properly seat the rear seal(mounted in the hub) back onto the shaft and adjust bearings preload. Looked all over the net, can't seem to find any torque...
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    Need a snowmobile seat upholstered, where to go in Edmonton area?

    I have a 1976 olympic 340, the seat needs to be recovered and as well the top foam needs to be replaced. Anyone know where to go in Edmonton that is really good?
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    need a vintage snowmobile seat recovered, where to go in the Edmonton area

    i have a 76 ski doo olympic, need to get the seat recovered, also the top foam needs to be replaced. Looking for a good place to go in the edmonton area, which has a fair price for the work done. thanks
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    Help 800 skidoo running rough

    Have 800 03 summit zx. New motor rebuilt clutches new plugs and wires. Sled starts fine,but when you start ripping on it,it bogs down like it's getting too much fuel? Maybe A stuck float in carb? Clutching is correct
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    fornt steering dimensions for 2003 skidoo summit zx

    i replaced the front trailing arms on my 2003 skidoo summit zx, and forgot to mark the spindles when i took the old ones off:nono:. I looked through the owners manual for distance between the front and back of the skis to insure they are running parallel, however the information is not in there...
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    Costco fuel

    anyone fuel up there sleds at costco yet in sherwood park? Anyone know were costco gets there fuel from, I am assuming from any of the big three?
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    Duramax Transmission Garage in Edmonton?

    In need of a good garage/mechanic in the edmonton area to look at my duramax transmission/t-case. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks
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    circulating block heater were to buy?

    wondering were the best place in Edmonton is to purchase a circulating block heater? need one for duramax truck and john deere tractor
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    becker enclosed trailers any good?

    looking at buying a 4 place enclosed. anyone have a becker trailer? any insight would be helpful thanks
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    OEM vs After market fuel filter/oil filter?

    I have a GMC Duramax, recently switched over to running Baldwin fuel/oil filter instead of the over priced gm filters. Truck is not under warranty any more. Good idea?
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    Duramax exhaust ideas for 2005

    I have a 2005 duramax, looking for a complete bolt on exhaust system. Probably cat back system. I had a 2003 Duramax with a turbo back 4" magnaflow. Towing the holiday trailer or the sled trailer, sound inside the cab was so loud, unbearable. Any thoughts? thanks
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