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  1. pano-dude

    A ticket gas fitters needed in Invermere BC

    If there are any "A" ticket gas fitters looking to relocate Invermere/Cranbrook area is in dire need.
  2. pano-dude

    Revy avalanche

    So who was in the avalanche this weekend? From the video it sounded like guys playing in or below the airport chutes and someone above triggered it? Looked like all brand new turbo doos. Did you send a report to avy Canada? Still don't see one. Did you know the spooky conditions before...
  3. pano-dude

    First snowfall!

    Went from a drought to first snow of the season. Take that fires!
  4. pano-dude

    Forster poker rally

    The Windermere valley snowmobile society is hosting a poker rally March 3.
  5. pano-dude

    Invermere area conditions 2017-18

    Snow in the alpine, and the club volunteers have been busy. Wood got chopped trail has been cleaned and the new groomer is ready for snow.
  6. pano-dude

    2016-17 Invermere area conditions

    The season has started. Cold and wet in the valley means white stuff up high. The recent wet weather has dropped 40ish cms at the Paradise cabin. Forecast is for more wet weather over the next week.
  7. pano-dude

    Flat lander special bulletin

    Due to winter happening in bc it is advised that winter tires or chains should be used when travelling to a province with hills. Failure to do so will result in trucks stuck on access roads preventing others who have some common sense from enjoying their day of riding. This bulletin is in...
  8. pano-dude

    2015-16 Forster conditions

    Time for a new one. Season is coming soon and the official opening is still Dec 4. Big changes for the area, massive logging up forster drainage. New parking lot being built at 28km, they will be logging all winter so no parking at Dog leg lake, the water resovoir or the main lot at 19km...
  9. pano-dude

    Water skipping record

    World Record Snowmobile on Water on
  10. pano-dude

    lac la biche drags

    Anyone bringing sleds to the drags? Just heard about it on radio, wish i had my sled.
  11. pano-dude

    slow typing issue

    I've tried 2 different computers and when replying to threads even my poor typing skills are too fast for the site? is it the spell check function? anyone else have the same issue?
  12. pano-dude

    use the correct forums people!

    why can't some users on this site post their threads in the correct forums? sleds topics should go in sled forums.... conditions in condition forums.... etc. not that hard of a concept yet it continues to happen, is it just me or does it drive anyone else crazy seeing this?
  13. pano-dude

    dodge vs low boy

    this could happen if you don't have a radio on a fsr with active crews not my truck, saw it at a lake on west side road
  14. pano-dude

    speed run on mountain bike

    a little pavement fun after a ride last night
  15. pano-dude

    fresh snow!!!!!!!

    It snowed Thursday night!!!!!! Awesome already building a base.
  16. pano-dude

    eastern purcells

    a couple of pics of slides, the avalanche forescst is pretty spot on when they are concernced with areas west of Invermere. A couple surface hoar layers, cold weather and new snow is making east facing aspects touchy. This is up at paradise basin, size 2.5 naturally triggered [/IMG] These are...
  17. pano-dude

    Forester snow

    went for a ride on the weekend and found 70ish cms at the cabin. Staged at the parking lot and rode great snow all the way in. definately need more snow before it's worth going in again, did alot of creek jumping to find untracked snow.... and pulling sleds out of creeks:eek:
  18. pano-dude

    brain power and holiday season

    Since it's the holiday season people have shut their brains off! Friday I watched a dude who was riding with his wife try to pull a huge chute and got stuck at the apex. Took him a long time to dig out. (There was a huge cornice at the top also):nono: Then he proceeded to try and climb up a...
  19. pano-dude

    Team BRP snow x at Panorama

    If anyone is around the Invermere area this weekend the BRP snow cross guys are testing the 2010 sleds all weekend. We built a track for them and they started tearing it up today. Pretty cool to have Olympic skiers training beside Factory sled dudes.
  20. pano-dude

    Forester snow

    hiked into forester yesterday
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