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  1. steveo10

    What’s your go to sled polish

    Need to bring the old girl back to life after some battles in the sticks. What’s your personal preference?
  2. steveo10

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2021 2022

    Some good folks over at Snowest 😊
  3. steveo10

    Restaurants open in McBride

    I’m gonna take my friends to the train station…
  4. steveo10

    Restaurants open in McBride

    I miss that Chinese food!
  5. steveo10

    5” of rain in 24hrs! The earth is angry!!

    When trust fund baby comes to BC to do a photo op and fill 1/4 of a sandbag, I hope there is a guy him there.
  6. steveo10

    Compact Tractors

    Skid steer is the way to go. Too bad mine got a stolen. Way better lifting capacity. I use a JD2305 to clear snow. Does the job, little slower. But ya, as previously stated get a 30+hp tractor or skid steer.
  7. steveo10

    BC state of emergency.

    Canazuela… all the oil in the world, 3rd world country
  8. steveo10

    Brian Jean

    People keep saying Brian Jean failed to beat Notley in 2015. He was only the leader for a couple of months prior to the election. He did fairly well
  9. steveo10

    New estimates on how much longer the chip shortage will last

    I’m hearing 2023. Trucks are coming out of the factory without all the bells and whistles now, so they can catch up
  10. steveo10

    Stocks to watch

    Oh dear, what a run, not a good run unfortunately. A little bit of lying, directors quitting, de-sulph not working properly all contributed. Ive averaged up a couple of times in the last 10 days. Cielo need to team up with a big time player to take this to the moon!
  11. steveo10

    Fred? Whats up with Biden?

    Memory is a little fuzzy on the name. Something about talking up his doo turbo kit
  12. steveo10

    Fred? Whats up with Biden?

    Fred did have that alter ego account a few years ago that pumped his own tires, probably keeping tabs through that account
  13. steveo10

    Stocks to watch

    Should be interesting to say the least, as to what Don has to say!
  14. steveo10

    Random Pictures Thread

    Good! Number 1
  15. steveo10

    Random Pictures Thread

    Yes it is. Yielded pretty good
  16. steveo10

    Stocks to watch

    The possibilities is endless with this company. Once they get their sulfur levels down, things can go ahead. Cielo has the sulfur levels figured in a small scale laboratory, but I guess having some issues on a big scale. Long term is 5 years
  17. steveo10

    So it begins

    Webcams trump hauling grain. lol
  18. steveo10

    So it begins

    I seen Mcbride got snow, I was just about to check Valemounts cam
  19. steveo10

    Stocks to watch

    I have 85,000 average 0.09
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