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  1. Bill Daley

    Triking for kids

    We are a small family of trikers that are going to be working with charity groups to help kids. By doing this we can do something for kids while at the same time promoting the world of triking. If we do a couple of fundraisers a year and hold a weekend camp out in conjunction with the charity we...
  2. Bill Daley

    Delco Altenator Question.

    If you run a Delco Altenator the opposite way will it still charge and will the wiring still be the same? Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks.I want to run it anti-clockwise instead of clockwise.
  3. Bill Daley

    Can you see me now???

    Getting even
  4. Bill Daley

    Looking for pictures

    I used to run for Byers Transport in 75-76 and all the old pictures I had were lost in a fire in 81.Was wondering if there is anyone here that would have axcess to any of Highlevel,Steen River and Indian cabins around that time.They would be very gratefully appreciated Thanks
  5. Bill Daley

    Hi all

    I have been looking over the site for a couple of days now and I'm very happy to have found this place.At 67 years old I am a little past getting out in the cold and sleding but I do still ride bikes in the summer.My main interest is in triking and have an old 1984 Honda Goldwing Civic powered...
  6. Bill Daley

    Ne4ed some help'

    I would like to send a picture of my bike to the page but can't figure it out.Can anyone please help I don't have much computer experience
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