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  1. steveo10

    What’s your go to sled polish

    Need to bring the old girl back to life after some battles in the sticks. What’s your personal preference?
  2. steveo10

    Reputable German Shepard breeders

    Anyone have some good leads? Looking around the Edmonton area, but willing to travel elsewhere too. TIA!
  3. steveo10

    Golf simulator

    Anyone have one? What you recommend. Looking at Optigolf and Skytrak. Leaning towards the Optigolf
  4. steveo10

    Vin check

    Found one... please delete
  5. steveo10

    October conditions

    Let it snow!
  6. steveo10

    Trudeau in Calgary.

    Anyone just listen to his town hall? All I heard is "umm umm umm"
  7. steveo10

    Jane Fonda

    What is there to say about this piece of work?!? Didn't anyone educate her that you can find oil naturally on the walls of the Athabasca?
  8. steveo10

    Rzr blade

    Where is the best price you have found for a blade?
  9. steveo10

    Outdoor surveillance cameras

    What's the best bang for your buck for residential? Lets hear it
  10. steveo10

    Our town needs your help

    Vote for Vermilion in the Coors one horse town! One Horse Town
  11. steveo10

    Winegard portable satellite

    Anyone have one? Good? Bad? Found some in the 400$ range for the rv looking to purchase in the near future
  12. steveo10

    4 place 5th wheel

    Why don't we see many of these out there? My bumper 4 place tolls good but nothing beats a 5th wheel
  13. steveo10

    Theives take the bait!

    Gotta love these stories! Thieves take the bait - BC News -
  14. steveo10

    Rino 650 Black Friday.

    Anyone find any bargins on the rino from Friday through to Monday?
  15. steveo10

    Has anyone had this happen?

    19,000km FML :(
  16. steveo10


    Stayed at the Grizzly Lodge once again. Adam said best snow of the year up there. Fresh snow when we showed up the first night. 8"+ on the sleds when we woke up. Rode in 3 days of sun couldnt have hit it any better. At the lodge the first day
  17. steveo10

    DD15 DPF deletes in alberta

    We currently have 6 DD15's and one 60 series and have spent 1000's of $$$ on the filters cause detriot will not warranty a single thing even trucks with 800hrs. So the question is where a guy to send a truck to. We have a truck goin to Lloyd on weds but it's not a full delete. The truck will...
  18. steveo10

    What 2013 sled did you purchase?

    What did you purchase?
  19. steveo10

    How you think this is gonna end?

    First Nation chief threatens 63 blockade | MyMcMurray Portal
  20. steveo10

    If long hair freak and one eye willy had a kid..

    Would he/she be called one eye freak or long hair willy? who would be the pitcher?
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