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  1. sumsupport

    our thoughts and prayers are with you arff

    Prayers for your mom and all affected Arff.
  2. sumsupport

    Wisdom Teeth

    I had all four out, and since it's a little crowded in there they plucked a couple extras at the same time. I don't remember much pain afterwards, the worst part was discovering that I'm allergic to sulfa drugs (the antibiotics they prescribed to go with the surgery). :rolleyes: Best of luck!
  3. sumsupport

    Teenage Daughter Problem

    x2 SledMamma. There is so much more to than the physical act. One of the things they don't know is that the current relationship IS going to end at some point. That pain is even more crushing when they've decided this partner is The One.
  4. sumsupport

    Teenage Daughter Problem

    ok, finally finished the whole article. Like how it ended. Her book is as much about intimacy as it is about sex, Schalet says, citing that Dutch surveys find that by age 14, 90 per cent of Dutch boys say they have been in love. “Clearly it’s not the kind of love a 25-year-old feels,” she...
  5. sumsupport

    Teenage Daughter Problem

    Just read an interesting article on this. Doesn't apply at 13 years old of course, but still an interesting read. Basically says we dramatize sex, make it this taboo thing that our kids have to hide, and that by 16-17 it should just be natural and still somewhat controlled by the parents. At...
  6. sumsupport

    Teenage Daughter Problem

    I have to say, the 16 year old sounds like bad news, but an older boy and younger girl doesn't always mean the boy should be left blowing bubbles in the muskeg. I wasn't allowed to date until 16, and we have told our kids the same thing. However, at 14 I was "dating" an 18 year old boy. We...
  7. sumsupport

    Bedroom Ideas?????

    My friend's daughter did hot pink and black checkerboard, with fox logo on some of the pink squares. A TON of work but looks awesome! You boys be nice to the girl hijacking her brother's account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D
  8. sumsupport

    2012 ATV Jamboree

    I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 28 more days
  9. sumsupport

    I am so incredibly proud of our daughter Brook!!

    I love your passion for your kids. You have a beautiful family. Congrats to Brooke!
  10. sumsupport

    Happy Birthday Pinkalicious!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! :d:beer::d
  11. sumsupport


    It's Hollywood, they haven't aged a bit, lol. Somehow they're faces aren't quite as expressive as they used to be though...
  12. sumsupport

    I need a p/t job

    Funny, last I heard it wasn't that hard for you. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHHAAA :beer:
  13. sumsupport

    Man beaten for reporting drunk driver in Wabamun

    Especially when the guy being beat is a 61 year old grandpa. Even grumpy old farts don't deserve that.
  14. sumsupport

    Bath Salts.... Really!!

    We watched this on Intervention one night. Freakin' terrifying. There is no recovery from what this stuff does to your brain. I just can't wrap my head around what attracts people in the first place to this hard core stuff.
  15. sumsupport

    Family Rigs

    The no wall type probably would be fine if it had a slide out. Ours is bare minimum, we bought it for going to races so didn't plan to spend much time in it!
  16. sumsupport

    Vote for Audrey's picture!!!!!!!

    The score is 42 votes top picture, 28 votes Audrey's picture. Please help!
  17. sumsupport

    Vote for Audrey's picture!!!!!!!

    LOL, I took the picture, it's Mr. and Mrs. Manynumbers oldest son on my daughter's tricycle, after a hard two days of dirtbiking! It was too cute not to get a photo, then Audrey asked if she could use it for the contest. She totally deserves to win. There are only three days left to vote so...
  18. sumsupport

    5th Annual ATV Jamboree........

    Not this year, Darcy needs to have service for work :crying3: So we'll be weekend campers now. I've got a four day weekend coming up though :d
  19. sumsupport

    5th Annual ATV Jamboree........

    Thanks TG! 19 sites that are being doubled up on so far, that's awesome :beer: It feels so close now, we're getting excited :d
  20. sumsupport

    Happy Birthday TylerG

    Happy Birthday TG :d :birthday2:
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