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  1. skid

    Rider forward

    Has anyone actually measured? Tonight we measured between a 1992 and a 2018 Polaris…. What do you guys think the measurement between the foot position and the front of the ski is?
  2. skid

    Camso track on Axys

    Anyone ran a camso challenger extreme rip saw 2.5 on their axys? The series 6 155” track is falling apart pretty bad on mine and I don’t want to replace it with the same one. I ran doo for 8 years and never had track issues and IMHO the series 6 are of poor quality, and as far as I can see the...
  3. skid

    Hey maxwell do you know where the eating crow thread went?

    Asking for a friend
  4. skid

    Looks like it’s gonna get colder hopefully doesn’t last long, I’m not a fan of riding in the -20 range.
  5. skid

    Clutch vibration when steering left

    Alright guys I’m scratching my head on this one. So I bought the wife a 2015 163 pro and it has a stage 3 kit on it, so I took it for a spin once I got everything fixed up on it and noticed that if I turn left and the clutch starts to engage the belt chatters bad, if I turn right it clears right...
  6. skid

    What 155 track to get?

    Thinking of putting a new track on my 18’ 155” 2.6 axys, what’s the best track options?
  7. skid

    350 timing

    Anyone else have a carbed 350 in their jet boat? If so whats your timing set at?
  8. skid

    Pink mountain bison hunt

    I was lucky enough to draw a bison tag for pink mountain, we are leaving tomorrow and looks like the weather is gonna be perfect. Anyone else on here done this hunt before? Looking forward to seeing the area, seen pics and it’s sure nice country.
  9. skid

    Quick Drive Belt Warranty

    I bought a 2018 800 Axys last year and the extra warranty for 4 years, this weekend while riding I broke the quick drive belt. My question is has any one snapped one and if so was it warrantied? In my opinion it should be, if this was a chain drive it would be. My dealer is looking into it right...
  10. skid

    Don’t **** with cats

    On Netflix and it’s 3 episodes, anyone else watch it yet? Couldn’t write a better script.
  11. skid

    Tiaga, anyone ordered one?

    Just curious to see if anyone has preordered one of these sleds. Does anyone remember what the heaviest 2 stroke sled was full of all fluids from the weigh off last year? Says on the website the sled will weigh 586lbs with the long range battery, right up there with the Yamaha. And 170hp at any...
  12. skid


    Anyone use one? Mine just showed up after ordering it, I think I’m gonna use it a lot. I don’t like balaclavas cause they always fog my goggles but I don’t think this will do that. Can’t wait to try it this weekend in the fresh stuff.
  13. skid

    Maxxis carnivores

    Just put a set of these on my maverick and have 250km on em so far, seem to be holding up really well and holding up way better then the bighorn 2.0 that it came with that are full of plugs now. Seem to be a good tire in the sharp shale rock and fairly smooth riding. Not sure how they'll perform...
  14. skid

    Why the fawk can't I post pics

    Seriously, I don't want to get tapatalk, why can't we post pics from the phones to here without tapatalk???
  15. skid

    Maverick electro-vert goggles

    I got the goggles for Christmas, I had asked for the 509 heated lens goggles but they were all sold out around here. I went out yesterday for a chilly day ride and kept the battery portion in my inner coat pocket, they claim the battery lasts 5-6 hrs on the lowest setting but I only got about 2...
  16. skid

    BC grizz hunt

    As of nov 1st NDP government is cancelling the bc grizz hunt, what a bunch of horse ****!!
  17. skid

    Skeena river closure

    Looks like the skeena river and anything that flows into it is closed due to low sockeye returns, won't open till July 14th, even the natives can't fish is the way I read it. Gonna miss some of the best chinook fishing in the skeena.
  18. skid

    Linear actuator for reverse bucket

    Anyone else ever used a linear actuator for a reverse bucket on their jet boat? My reverse cable broke about 2 years ago and I didn't wanna pay the $1400 for a new cable and control to fix it and figured theirs gotta be a cheaper way, I tried a linear actuator and it's worked great. It's fast...
  19. skid

    Royal Purple caused engine failure

    I just got back from the dealer and was told that because I'm running royal purple oil that is what caused my xm 800 to have very low compression. Just wondering if anyone else runs it and have had any issues with it? I guess maybe doo oil has different additives.
  20. skid

    Skinz helium hood, looking for pics

    Long story short I had a head on this past weekend with an arctic cat and since they come with the heavy bumpers my doo didn't fare to well. After I got it home and stripped it down and almost every piece of plastic up front is broken including th airbox. I've been doing a bit of research and...
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