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  1. Dawizman

    The end of an icon

    Chevy made it official. The Corvette will be getting a hybrid variant in the very near future, and a battery electric version not far after that. While they still assure us gear heads that there will be an internal combustion version sold alongside the others, this surely signals a major turning...
  2. Dawizman

    Short Term Rentals

    Anyone have experience in owning a short term rental property? I'm looking at buying a house or two in a sledding community to both rent out, and use for my own trips, with the potential to move full time in the next few years. Looking at the Revelstoke or Golden area primarily, but also other...
  3. Dawizman

    Auto image resizing / scaling

    What's the possibility of implementing automatic image resizing or downscaling when uploaded images are too big? New phones and cameras are taking massive pictures these days, and it seems like most of what I try to upload here, I have to run through an image resizing tool first because the...
  4. Dawizman

    Chunk missing on clicker

    Skidoo clutch experts, keyboard warriors, and Kanedog. What's your opinion on this missing chunk from my buddies clutch clicker on his 19 Summit 850? Small chunk missing on the bottom right of the adjuster in the pic. Bad: Normal:
  5. Dawizman

    Dually vs SRW

    Be blunt with me. Why should I avoid a dually? Are they that much worse in the snow, ice & mud? Truck would get Toyo ATIII on day one. Truck will have a deck on it 365 days per year. I make 8-12 trips West every season with two on the deck. I'm quite confortable staying ahead of traffic in any...
  6. Dawizman


    Anyone been out to Bruderheim lately? Just wondering if it's worthwhile to head that way with the wife and bikes?
  7. Dawizman

    Specialty Motorsports

    It seems these days you only see people posting negative reviews, so i figured I would post something positive for a change. So here is my experience with Specialty Motorsports. This weekend I was in Valemount sledding while my wife was on a clinic with Stephanie Schwartz and Curtis Pawliuk...
  8. Dawizman

    Looking for a belt drive belt for a Cat

    Anyone in Valemount / blue / McBride have an extra belt for a c3 / Specialty belt drive (I think TKI is the same) on a 2018+ Cat? It's a Mitsubishi g8m960 or a Gates 8MGT-960.
  9. Dawizman

    Golden Guide

    Anyone ever hire a guide in Golden? We're going down this weekend for the first time. Group of 5, 4 experienced + one novice. We hired Golden Sled Rentals to show us some area. Just wondering if anyone has ever ridden with them before, and if that's a solid choice, or are there better options...
  10. Dawizman

    Alpha Travel Cover with aftermarket boards

    Anyone with an Alpha and aftermarket boards? Can you still use the new style premium travel cover that clips on to the boards? I want to put new boards on my hardcore, but also want to make sure the cover will work.
  11. Dawizman

    Online Arctic Cat Parts

    Where's the best Canadian place to order Cat parts online? Seeing as the nearest dealers are 3 hours round trip from me, it only makes sense to start ordering online. Was less than pleased trying to order parts from nearby dealers today. Anywhere that can provide reliable lead times online?
  12. Dawizman

    Cat Silber Turbo Boost Adjustment

    For those running silber turbos on a 2018+ Cat, how does the boat adjustment work? Looking at picking up a used kit, but my wife rides the sled a few trips out of the year, and I want to make sure whatever I end up with can be dialed back easy enough for those weekends.
  13. Dawizman

    M8000 dies, but starts fine after some time

    My 2015 M8000 just started acting up yesterday. Fired up cold second pull, warmed up just fine, and then rode about half a click from the house and it died. Wouldn't restart. Dicked around with it for a bit. Disconnected the TSS. Tried pulling it over a bunch with the throttle wide open. Still...
  14. Dawizman

    Travel Cover Clips

    Has anyone come across replacement clips for the new style travel covers for the Alpha? I'm talking about the plastic clips that clip to the running boards. I busted one the other day and am hoping they are able to be purchased somewhere.
  15. Dawizman

    Snow Pulse refill

    Anyone in the area refill the snowpulse canisters? Had an accidental deployment today.
  16. Dawizman

    Weak shocks on the Hardcores

    There have been quite a few of the new Hardcores that have reported issues with the center shock being too weak, and causing the front of the rail to hit the limiter strap bolt on the top. Same issue the 19 Alphas had when there wasn't enough pressure in the center float. I can't take credit for...
  17. Dawizman

    Winter tires on a diesel

    How many guys are running winter tires on their HD diesels? I ran a set of studded Coopers the 2017/18 winter season and found that they worked pretty decent on snow covered and icy highways and logging roads. But i also found that they wore out exceptionally fast on my heavy truck. Between the...
  18. Dawizman

    Sweeping the shop

    How are you guys keeping your shop floors clean. We have trucks and equipment in and out of the shop here and the floor inevitably gets dirty. How are you guys keeping your floors clean. I hate having the guys sweep because it kicks up so much dust. Does the sweeping compound work? Is there a...
  19. Dawizman


    What's everyone liking for cans on their Ascender? I have the thing cooker can on my Proclimb, and really like it. I'm leaning that direction rather than mounting a cooker on the pipe somewhere. Having a warm lunch is kinda nice I haven't made up my mind yet though for the new Alpha that's on...
  20. Dawizman

    2020 Mountain Cat vs Hardcore

    Does anyone have a definitive rundown on the differences between the 2020 M models? I'm mainly interested in the Hardcore vs Mountain Cat. So far, the only differences I am seeing are; -Fox 1.5 Zero (Hardcore) vs Fox Float 3 (Mountain Cat) suspension. Both have QS3 for the front three, and QSL...
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