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  1. skid

    Humorous picture thread

    I would consider it if they were the vented Jerry’s…
  2. skid

    Humorous picture thread

  3. skid

    three word story

    Needed some Kleenex
  4. skid

    Random Pictures Thread

    Dam well looks like it😃
  5. skid

    three word story

    Just never stops
  6. skid

    What’s the best boot for mountain riding right now?

    I’ve now ridden a season in the TOBE Nimdus boot and so far they are the best boot I’ve had. They’ve already outlasted the FXR boots from the past. They have been the most comfortable boot so far and I’ve been warm and dry, they are also a very light weight boot as well.
  7. skid

    Your favorite cooler

    My 65 Calcutta cooler is the best cooler I’ve ever bought, tough as nails and holds ice a long time, and also insulates my food from freezing in the dead of the winter.
  8. skid


    Getting closer to ya though
  9. skid

    Humorous picture thread

  10. skid

    Humorous picture thread

  11. skid

    Humorous picture thread

  12. skid

    I guess we will need a new Matryx 900 section tomorrow?

    from what I priced out the Tdoo is a lot cheaper then the boost, I want to stick with popo but that's a tough one.
  13. skid

    Rider forward

    Haha I will see if I can find an old doo somewhere, maxwell must have one kicking around
  14. skid

    Rider forward

    I’d be curious to see what the difference between an old and new doo would be.
  15. skid

    Rider forward

    It is the exact same measurement
  16. skid

    Rider forward

    Has anyone actually measured? Tonight we measured between a 1992 and a 2018 Polaris…. What do you guys think the measurement between the foot position and the front of the ski is?
  17. skid

    I feel dirty but I rode a Polaris boost matryx

    Have you tried it to see if it will? Serious question not trying to be an ass
  18. skid

    Caleb Kesterke ride a turbo?

    I think Kyle Saxton is just as talented and keeps up easily.
  19. skid

    2016-800RMK issues

    I had a 13’ with the same issues and yes it was the voltage reg, we put an aftermarket one in at 1/3 the cost of factory and so far no problems
  20. skid

    New Avy Pack - Recommendations?

    A rider in my group has a jet force avy pack from black diamond. He's had it since 2017 and really likes it.
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