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    Borrowed Spark plug wrench and screwdriver in renshaw parking lot Sunday morning

    I had to borrow a spark plug wrench and screwdriver from one of the group of guys that were camping in there enclosed trailers in the parking lot Saturday night and leaving Sunday morning. I believe the gentlemen’s name was dean but I am horrible with remembering names. After I got my sled...
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    21 850 turbo fuel caddy

    I have a 21 165 turbo coming and was wondering what fuel caddy I should run. I was thinking about going with the larger brp 3.8 gallon stackable can as I hear these sleds can burn a lot of fuel on deep days. Is there any disadvantages to the larger caddy over the smaller one other than the price...
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    12 xp tarp no good any other options?

    My tarp for my 12etec 800 is garbage it has ripped on 4 different seams and I have got it fixed and it just rips again. It also seems like the material is not thick enough because when the highway is wet it lets the salt and road spray right through. Just wondering if anyone has tried any other...
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    509 Carbon helmets at the Edmonton sled show?

    I was wondering if anyone is going to have the new 509 carbonfibre helmets at the sled show?
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    12 etec headlight delete

    I am thinking about doing a vented headlight delete on my 12 summit etec and was wondering from people who have done it if u can just unplug you lights or if u need to run some kind of resistor?
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    Looking for Marathon sled deck extension

    Looking for one for the marathon classic style deck(not truck boss) in good condition will pay good money post what u have and what u want as marathon doesn't build these anymore.
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