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  1. Old man Winter

    The new Ski-Doo Shot start system(it's not electric start)

    Does anyone know if you can buy the shot start off the shelf and install it on a 2015 summit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Old man Winter

    BLUE RIVER 2016/2017 Conditions and Updates

    Anyone Ride Salmon Lake yet? If so how's the trail in? and if you have pictures that would be great. Thanks. :beer:
  3. Old man Winter

    2016/17 Revelstoke Conditions

    Does anybody know when the YamaCam will be up and running again? I personally appreciate all the effort people go through in keeping it running, so guys like myself can check in and see what is happening up there and have a better idea on when the first ride of the season will be. Thanks.
  4. Old man Winter

    tss instaboost

    Do not do it your self, you are spending alot of money already dont cheep out let the pros do it, it could void warenty and you could loose a season of ridding, and cost you more money in the long run. Good luck...:beer:
  5. Old man Winter

    Official REVY Riding conditions 2012/13

    Trying to attach pics not sure if it will work first time. If they don't show could someone text on how thanks.
  6. Old man Winter

    Official REVY riding condition!!!

    Good morning Powder Puff, Thinking about making the treck from Edmonton Friday but all across BC there is high snow fall, do you think it is worth the drive, or will it be a waist of time cause visibility in the alpin will be imposible. Look forward to your comment, ride safe out there.
  7. Old man Winter

    Snow conditions at Foam and Fin in Blue River

    Road Climina Wednesday and Renshaw Thursday hard base with small amounts of powder. Thinking about riding Blue today for the first time, any info would help my desision. I here you go to fin parking lot to get to Foam, where is Fin parking lot? Have fun and be safe.
  8. Old man Winter

    Blue River Conditions

    Road Clemina yesterday and Renshaw today not much snow hard base. Thinking about making the treck to Blue River tomorrow can anybody give me an update on the conditions and is it worth the drive. Thanks and have fun and ride safe.
  9. Old man Winter

    Lost garmen 530 gps on Frisby

    I did find one can you discribe some caracters of it i just want to make sure its the write person getting it back.
  10. Old man Winter

    Where is the best place to get sled work done?

    I agree with steel town learn how to be a technical rider first you will know when you need more HP any body can point and shoot but can you boondock through the trees turn out on a shoot and not get stuck. if you have lots of money turbo it. If not get a pipe kit power comander Reeds clutching...
  11. Old man Winter

    BC Regs on sled decks

    Can anybody help me out on the BC regs on sled decks having anything more than 2' past there tailgate you will get a fine, or is it ok if you have lights on the back of the sleds. i have tryed to look on the web site ride safe this year and look into tacking an avy course Zacs Tracks is a good one.
  12. Old man Winter

    Hi Robert Thanks for yor help i could not of dun it with out you guys there are not many days go...

    Hi Robert Thanks for yor help i could not of dun it with out you guys there are not many days go by when i dont think about that day it changed me. and my riding i would love to ride with you and your gang my first run will be Nov-9th i put a plack on the wall of the Cabbin hope to here from you...
  13. Old man Winter

    Any new snow in mcbride?

    Just got off of Renshaw, pretty wind beaten and pounded out. You can find some decent snow, 8-14 inches, if you look hard enough. If you know the area good, hit spirit lake and keep going, if not, be ready for disappointment. However it is raining in town right now and its socked in up top...
  14. Old man Winter

    Hi guys its old man winter just wondering how sleding was the next day hope you had a good time...

    Hi guys its old man winter just wondering how sleding was the next day hope you had a good time I have some info to share not sure how this site works for sending privite mesages. send me your email mine is take care
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