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  1. ippielb

    Command Start Module? Or what is this?

    Anyone know what these are? I don’t have command start fob. Bought truck without it, never tore the dash apart until today. What are the switch and button for?... has two 30amp inline fuses. Also found that little pass lock thing on the ground. No idea what it is for.
  2. ippielb

    Any HD Mechs or Operators Edmonton?

    Have my eyes on a 240d excavator in edmonton for the farm, and some custom work, got a couple jobs lined up i can do. It's over 8 hours for me to drive up there to take a look. Curious if someone would help a guy out, IF you know what you're doing and what to look for, i'm trying to avoid buying...
  3. ippielb

    Endurance E2 Video Fighting with copyright songs...
  4. ippielb

    Anyone have an air box intake plenum for cat?

    2019 alpha. Arm pump + tree = new front airbox and intake plenum. Anyone have one or know of one? No dealers have any except cranbrook but that’s too far.
  5. ippielb

    20/21 Snowmobile Season Teaser

    After taking last season off due to back surgery. I got on a sled for the first time December 12. Started to do a bit of filming, snow conditions were not the best with that 1/2" layer of ice, so didn't get much filming the first 3 days of riding, and then the snow started to come down with no...
  6. ippielb

    Road Construction BC?

    I remember reading a thread a while back about there being construction on the roads on the #1 and it may be closed at night. I can't find the thread now, but does anyone have any more information?
  7. ippielb

    Clutch Balancing Shop

    Looking to get primary clutch balanced, anywhere in western Canada that’s actually good at their job?
  8. ippielb

    Heavy Equipment Thread

    Seeing as that thread I posted got a bit of attention, thought one could start a thread about heavy equipment. Pictures, posts whatever. I’m a foreman and finishing grader operator, but I spent 4 years jumping back and forth between track loaders graders and dozers. This is my 2001 CAT 973c...
  9. ippielb

    Anyone Use Black Cat Wear Parts?

    Anyone run black cat teeth on excavators or loader buckets? I’m in the market for some new teeth on my bucket and a fellow has some brand new black cats for sale. J350 style, and then the new RVJ350. No idea how they’re priced, can’t find any prices on the Internet, and then no clue about...
  10. ippielb

    The Altitude Season Debuting tonight at 6pm central. Join the live chat.
  11. ippielb

    Slow Motion Edit 2018-2019
  12. ippielb

    Anyone riding March 29-April 1?

    Took some time off work to go riding, will be showing up 28th afternoon. The guys I ride with won’t be in BC till after the 1st of April. Seeing if anyone has room for one more person. Willing to ride anywhere from Fernie-Radium-Golden-Revelstoke-Sicamous. March 29-April 1 I’ll be looking to...
  13. ippielb

    Wave/wavy/spring washer source

    Well, after 2 hours of being on the phone. I cannot find a 2” wave washer. No where in Regina has any. Bearing OD is 52mm, shaft size is 27mm. Most generic size is 50mm which is fine but they’re all 3 weeks out. Where to get them?
  14. ippielb

    Superclamp Parts?

    Long story short sled on sled deck, backed up into a tree in the dark sled pushed forward and broke the superclamp hook itself. Not the one on the deck, but the hook in the superclamp that moves up and down. Curious if anyone has found replacement for it? Literally was the first time that clamp...
  15. ippielb

    Mountain addiction track system

    Looking for better ways to bring camera gear up on sled, liked the mountain addiction but heard stuff falls off easily. Looking for any other input.
  16. ippielb

    Trade 2” RSI fat bar riser for 4”

    Looking to trade my 2” RSI pivot fat bar risers black anodized with the wood grain / camo print. For 4” risers. I’m 6’3” and the 2” are just too low for me.
  17. ippielb

    Anyone Have A CNC and or machining tools?

    Want to fix a bracket for me? Or possibly make a new stronger one? [emoji28]
  18. ippielb

    Scrap aluminum prices?

    Anyone have an idea when prices will go back up? Got a price Friday for $0.40 a pound. My regular place doesn’t even both taking aluminum anymore.
  19. ippielb

    Sent a Sled Video Just a quick little compilation I put together of Landon Pavan and Dathan Headge when I was out in Sicamous mid April.
  20. ippielb

    Dathan Headge 2017/2018 Video Segment

    Here's an edit i made for a buddy of mine. Let me know what you think in the comments.
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