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    Power of Positivity

    Ride hard-shoot straight-speak the truth!
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    2015-16 Forster conditions

    My son and I are headed to Forster Fri. Jan. 22 and we have never rode there before and would like to hook up with someone familiar with the area if possible. We are both AST-1 certified, have all the gear and ride reliable machines. If anyone is interested you could PM me, Thanks
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    Mr. Little's Pub and Grub; New Norway

    Back when we used to take regular trips to New Norway, Edberg, Ferintosh, Round Hill (had peelers) Hay Lakes and By Da Slough, quite often hitting 2 or 3 of them in an evening. Had a whole lot of fun back when!!!
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    Been around awhile new to post

    Good morning to all, I've been stalking the site for some time now an figured it's time to break the silence. I enjoy reading about all the different subjects that come up on the forums as well as lots of technical info. Here's to lots of snow this winter and everyone ride safe!
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