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  1. niner


    Send your resume to We are building another dairy barn in the Calmar area. If your interested in great job with a great boss let me know. Weekends off. 7-5 daily and overtime after 8hrs.
  2. niner

    670 twin piped G4

    Seen this cool build on the way down from Quartz. Gen4 chassis, 174 track, T3 chaincase , 670 , mini trailing arms.
  3. niner

    Hornet boats

    Seen these at the boat show. Being built in Westlock. Seadoo engine up to 300 hp. Electronic stomp grate, air ride seats. For a mini it looks pretty neat. What do the experts think?
  4. niner

    Viking wood splitter

    Was at the boat show and these guys had a booth. Be the life of the party at the campground this summer. $300 of pure awesomeness.
  5. niner

    2022 boost on the dyno. 196 hp!!!!

  6. niner

    Sledstyle vote Who you voting for. I voted for MCNOLTY.
  7. niner

    SledFarm Recently subscribed. Used sheldon10 as promo code to get a rebate. Best $10 I have spent on awhile. Recommend. Helps my newish TV has internet so could watch on the big screen.
  8. niner

    Daylight savings vote

    How’s everyone voting tomorrow? As someone who works outside year round I’m not excited about a 9:30 sunrise. We usually start work at 7 even in the winter. That’s a big part of my day where I need to set lights up to work. I have feeling where this is going though.
  9. niner

    Pawn shop deals

    Went into Red Deer this morning and visited Cash Canada and Luckys pawn shop. Finally got some deals. Spent $460 on over $1000 of tools. The saw was $70 and it had a Diablo blade included. Talked him down to $50 because it didn’t have the charger. And the concrete drill got him down to $220...
  10. niner

    Irony you call the number you can actually talk to a person. He said the province made a law to protect the people. I said the constitution in your museum was put in their to protect the people and give them human rights.
  11. niner


    Was in Saunders yesterday. Had never been there before and thought we would check it out. Bumped into a guy who helped us out a bit on where to go but have more questions. We ended up turning left at the steel gates at the camp to get to the rail trail. Is that how guys usually go? If it gets...
  12. niner

    Never guess what I found thread

    So we went to Nordegg this weekend. My parents were following us out but got delayed a bit so at our turnoff I pulled in and walked out to the intersection to flag them in. As I’m waiting for them I notice a black bag with a draw string sitting on one of the white reflective shoulder markers. It...
  13. niner

    Random Video thread

    Liking the new video uploading! UPDATE: SCROLL DOWN TO POST #11 TO VIEW THE UPDATED PLAYER
  14. niner

    2022 Cat!

    Don’t have any fancy YouTube videos or clear pictures. Cat blew there media budget on lawsuits. But here they are. Really liking the green hardcore. Best N/A sled on the market ....
  15. niner

    Spicy this is in the US but good reminder things are spicy
  16. niner

    175 doo turbo vs 165 Alpha vs 850 turbo Axys 175 turbo doo with clutching and gearing 165 Alpha with Linderman tune, jaws pipe , BDX titanium can and whole other bunch of expensive stuff 162 850 MTNTK turbo Axys (4 lbs) X3 track,belt drive Saturday night popcorn fest....
  17. niner

    Your Sled Videos 20/21 post em up.
  18. niner

    2021 175 turbo doo vs 174 turbo pro (7lbs) The 175 turbo doo is working very well. Slight edge to the pro still but the 175 doo turbski is a climber. And yes Karen one guy on a hill would be safer but this needed to be done side by side.
  19. niner

    2021 Yamaha superjet 54 mph, 1050 cc four stroke, have a 650 cc superjet and still one of the funnest jet skis on the water.
  20. niner

    Polaris factory 2 stroke turbo
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