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  1. Trashy

    V 10's

    Ford and Dodge both made them. I'm finding some smokin deals on Gen 2 Dodge 2500's in Sask and Manitoba I realize that they are 20+ year old trucks, but some are in damn decent shape with less than 100 ,000 original Kms
  2. Trashy

    Wanted - 2500 or 3500

    Hey, I'm looking for a an older used 3/4 or on ton. Must have less than 250,000K. Hoping to spend a max of $15,000.00 all in. Chev and GM will be first choices, but for the right price and options. I'll consider Ford and Dodge Because of my price range, I'm only thinking gas. Thanks
  3. Trashy

    Chev/GM 8.1L Gas

    I have found 2 of these trucks, with very low KM's and in damn decent shape for the years (2001) Yay or Nay?
  4. Trashy

    02-14 Duramax

    I'm in the market for a used/new to me, pick me up truck. 2500 or 3500, for personal use. My question........ Would you guys buy a used Dirtymouse with 180 - 280,000 kms on it. Not knowing the previous owner? I'm thinking..... yes I would, because I'm also considering a Chev 6L gas and a Ford...
  5. Trashy

    Happy 4th of July

    To our American members, friends and families
  6. Trashy

    Bermuda Triangle?

    Where did it go? Before the internet, it was the place to stay away from and now you don't here anything about it anymore.
  7. Trashy

    VIN Link

    Can someone please post the free link to check VIN's, I have been looking and everyone I find, they want to charge at the end. I will also make this thread a "sticky" so it's always at the top. Thanks in advance
  8. Trashy

    wtf did you do now Yamaha.......

  9. Trashy

    WANTED... 2 or 3 burner camp stove, with sides.

    I am working with 2 non government funded charities Angels in Action Hearts for Humanity We are looking for the Camp Chef type stove, that uses 20lbs bottles, or bigger, in good working cond. We would love to have them donated, but can pay as well. These will be used to make hot meals every...
  10. Trashy


    What are you guys happy with, as far as a full face lid goes? I put my old street bike lid on and it stunk, so it went to the garbage lol. Tried one of my open faces, and don't like how the bill flutters at 120. The windshield on the bike offer NO protection and don't want anything but a full face.
  11. Trashy

    2008 Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom

    Just got a new to me bike. Bought it from bro in law, in damn decent shape and many extra's. Going to Blackfoot Motorsports today, to get everything to change all the fluids. Looking forward to being on 2 wheels again Will add pics, when Tapatalk doesn't suck
  12. Trashy

    Stay Home Proposal

    I'm still unemployed...... Wife just offered me $2200.00/month to stay home. Cook and keep the house clean to her standards. This would take me off of EI and can look at starting a part time job, or keep pursuing my own company. I told her this morning (cause that's when it happened) to...
  13. Trashy

    Pig Farmer

    Looking for a pig farm within 1 hour of South, SE or East of Calgary. If this is you or if you know someone, could you please PM your/their number. I have a proposition that might be beneficial to both of us. Thank you
  14. Trashy

    Butchering a Cow prices and Where?

    Happy Friday :beer: Were looking at buy a cow soon, approx 8 months old. Bringing it to a friends farm (Sherry) and feeding it for a month, before it goes in. 2 questions.... 1. What is the current cost/pound to walk a cow in the back door and receive a boxed cow when it's done? 2. Who do you...
  15. Trashy

    Need Website Made

    Good day, I am in the process of starting my own company, and need someone to develop a website for me. I'd prefer if you were in Calgary. I think it would be easier? Looking to get this done asap please. Thank you
  16. Trashy

    Hey Maxwell

    Just wanted to start another new thread about you and Say "hey"
  17. Trashy

    Above Ground Pools 2

    There is already 1 thread about this, but using LNG and other means of heat. We're toying around the idea of one in the 1000 - 1500 $$ range. We like to hear the Doo's and don'ts of going this route as well, as where you bought it from and would you do it again? TIA
  18. Trashy

    Losing pictures in the Classifieds

    Anyone else noticing their pics no longer on their ads? Ron, could you please look into this. Thank you
  19. Trashy

    2020 Chev 1500 2.7 Turbo?

    Good day, I'm in a bit a a finacial bind, where I need to lower my payments or sell my 2018 High Country 6.2 (20,531kms) I was at Jack Carter Chervolet today, they will take my truck with the super spring on it and tonnue cover, eat the loan and get me into a 2020 1500 2.7T I am going to start...
  20. Trashy

    Well Plugs

    I'm looking at abanoning our water well this summer. I'll rent an excavator to dig down to the pitless adaptor, cut the stem off at that point, install a plug and cover it with a steel plate. Back fill and Bob's my uncle..... So I'm looking for a expandable well plug. My stem I/D is 6 inches or...
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