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  1. Can-Do

    Go Pro BacPac

    GoPro LCD BacPac for those using the Go-Pro series of cams, they finally released a digital screen for viewing. also comes with a new "case"
  2. Can-Do

    new AXE mens wash

  3. Can-Do

    sled wrap complete

    well the sled wrap is done on my sled along with a few minor personal changes. iv posted all on a forum for which the sled wrap design was originaly thought up for. though my computer skills to allow people to view them with full size and quality on the other site have failed i have resized and...
  4. Can-Do

    the little guys

    ok i realize the 500xt isnt the the most sold unit when it comes to the BRP lineup. but its not a complete sloutch compaired to anyone eles's small bore machines. what gets me is the aftermarket... or should i say lack of. as many know the struts on the 400 and 500 machines for lack of a better...
  5. Can-Do

    sunday snow drifts

    found a few snow drifts to play around on.... wandering through the local lake areas with Labradorian over the weekend :d dunno why i called it "sunday snow drifts...we went rideing on Saturday...must have hit my head and dont remember it ...LOL
  6. Can-Do

    BC closures

    Fish and Wildlife - Environment - Province of British Columbia found this on another forum site.....:nono:
  7. Can-Do

    setting 08 800r cluth belt tension

    ok so after my first ride of about 50 miles im looking at my belt tension just to make sure its sitting where it should be accourding to the manual. the top of the belt was flush to the top of the pully wheel which as i understand it thats not a correct tension ( too loose ) so again...
  8. Can-Do

    ASA pass

    not sure who to contact. but iv sent my money for club membership, ASA pass and even tossed in a few bucks for trail upkeep. still yet to recieve anything regarding the ASA pass. moneys been sent near a month ago already, wouldnt mind someone figureing this out or drop a number for me to...
  9. Can-Do

    hi diddly ho neighbour!!

    :) new to the site. thought ild say hello. heard of this site from my local forum site thought ild drop by and read the read, talk the talk and BS my way through a few bench races :p
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