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  1. JMCX

    Grande Prairie Body Shop

    Smoked a deer on my way to Dawson creek from Calgary. Any recommendations for a good shop? Or ones to stay away from.
  2. JMCX

    Highest Lifetime Average Speed

    Let's see what you got. I rolled 200k on the 17 F350 and averaging 76.5km/h without idling and 69 with. Those idle hours must accumulate just sitting at a light, l don't 'idle' it as much as that would imply. today
  3. JMCX

    Gas vs Diesel

    Got a friend looking to buy a truck and here's the scenario: She lives in the city and it would be the sole means of transportation Active lifestyle with daily short trips to gym, store, boyfriend's etc Self employed, work involves traveling from gig to gig mostly in the city, a few times a...
  4. JMCX

    Baofeng audio quality

    So we have our crew all on Baofengs now but we're finding some people are really hard to understand, especially the ladies. I suspect speaker mic quality is the issue. Radios were sourced from various places. Apparently l am one of the easiest to make out. My setup came from Roy at Baofeng...
  5. JMCX

    Titanium welding

    Anyone know a shop in the Calgary area that can repair a broken weld on a Ti can?
  6. JMCX

    2017 Ram Delete

    Have a buddy that the dealer is telling him he needs $5k in EGR maintenance. The truck is out of warranty. Can he just remove the exhaust stuff and add a program or does the EGR stuff need to come off? He doesn't care about extra power at all, just wants reliability. Any gained fuel economy is a...
  7. JMCX

    What happened to Kijiji?

    Am l blind or did they got rid of a lot of subcategories? There's no separate sled parts category anymore. You can't filter by sled brand? I was trying to do a tire search and that was a lot harder than l remember.
  8. JMCX

    Everyone prefers to go left?

    We've got some novice riders tagging along lately and they are getting some of the skills down. I've been doing this for a long time and they were asking me why side-hilling and powder turns are easier to the left? I think most riders feel the same. It may be because engines are typically offset...
  9. JMCX

    Stuck Straps

    I've seen a few guys carrying short nylon straps with loops in each end. Great for saving from lifting from your ankles. They are short enough to leave attached to the stuck sleds ski loop after a pull. Where are people picking these up?
  10. JMCX

    Living in a 5th wheel, travel trailer or camper year round.

    I have a friend with a dream of living on the road. I think winter would be a problem even if the unit is winterized. Has anyone ever done this? I think if you had a permanent spot with hookups and hoarded it in you might have a chance. Moving around day to day has got to be a challenge. What...
  11. JMCX

    Ram 1500 leveling with Iron Cross bumper

    A friend put one of these bumpers on the front of a stock 2015 and it sunk about 3". Any suggestions on getting it back up? Or even better a little higher than stock.
  12. JMCX

    2013 Duramax head gasket

    A coworker's engine locked up and the dealer diagnosed it as a bad headgasket (hydro-locked). It is out of warranty and they are quoting $10k for the repair! Anyone have experience with this? It's in Edmonton.
  13. JMCX

    Golden 2016/2017

    I'm going to start this years Golden thread with this promising picture from Kickinghorse webcam:
  14. JMCX


    Any TDI owners on here? It's funny listening to all the talk on the radio. Some of the 'experts' are so clueless on the clean diesel subject. There's no doubt the lawyers are salivating. If they come out with a fix I foresee many owners saying 'no way are you going to wreck my mileage' I'll...
  15. JMCX

    Av Gas $$$

    Anybody buy av gas lately? What prices is everyone seeing and where? I paid $2.03/l +GST in Okotoks. I think I got hosed.
  16. JMCX

    My truck stolen from Petro Can west of Calgary

    Just got home from three days in Sicamous and my truck was gone. It was parked on the service road like everyone else. This thing was my baby, not many of them left on the road. I have done lots of power mods to the Powerstroke and kept it up well. It is insured but I know the book value will...
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