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  1. schiermnultra

    BRP cleaner on yellow T3

    For those of you who got yellow t3s for this season and like to occasionally wipe the dust off, the brp cleaner and a soft towel made the yellow pieces on the hood look like a matte finish. Very disappointing. Used this cleaner on all my sleds for the last 5 years and never had this happen...
  2. schiermnultra

    Bent xm boards

    what to do when you bend a board on an xm? can you buy the outer edge rail as a part or hackem off completely and put something aftermarket on?
  3. schiermnultra

    2014 rear axle

    Keep an eye on your rear axel guys!! My entire rear axle parted ways on the third ride out and same thing happened to my brother. Seems that maybe one of the goons at brp wasn't pulling his wrench hard enough one day. Axles bolts are loosening off, falling out and then causing the rear axle...
  4. schiermnultra

    xp primary help

    just had the primary clutch rebuilt on my brothers 2008 xp and its sticking like crazy. was doing that when picked it up from the shop and they said might just have to ride it a bit. so now that we have rode it a bit and its still sticking im pissed. any idea on what causes this or what to...
  5. schiermnultra

    xm spindles

    Just wondering how much difference the new xm spindles would make on a 2008 154 xp. Any one have any thoughts on ease of steering? Also just installed the s-36 kit on this sled. Thought the two may go hand in hand.
  6. schiermnultra

    08 xp tail light

    My brothers 2008 xp tail light stopped working. The bulb is good! Any one have any ideas on where to go next? Thanks in advance.
  7. schiermnultra

    Elkford conditions

    Any one have any idea on the snow conditions in the elkford area?
  8. schiermnultra


    Well the weather has thrown a wrench in my work schedule so it looks like it's gonna be great time to attend an open house!! After all with all this white stuff on the ground its time to start getting the priorities straight anyhow. I hear MR. R's is gonna have a couple xm's on the floor for...
  9. schiermnultra

    xm running boards

    I wonder if the running boards are getting beefed up on the xm's since the prototype? Just got the 2013 accessory catalogue and i can't even find tunnel stiffners in there for the xm. This may not concern most but I am not a little guy so it's got me wondering!
  10. schiermnultra

    Fernie / rolling hills conditions

    Going to head to fernie this weekend. Can anyone update me on the snow conditions for the rolling hills and area? Thanks.
  11. schiermnultra

    Xp scratcher location

    Where is everyone mounting their trail scratchers on the 163 - xp rails? Pictures would be appreciated.
  12. schiermnultra

    2012 xp e-start solenoid

    Anybody having problems with their electric start solenoid sticking?Mine started doing it a couple rides ago. The only way to get the starter to stop is to tap the solenoid or unhook the battery.
  13. schiermnultra

    Corbin conditions?

    Anybody have any condition updates for Corbin area and the pipeline?
  14. schiermnultra

    2011 summit steering post move

    Hey does any know if it would be possible to move the xp summit steering post ahead like the freeride? If this is possible how difficult would this be to do? What parts would be needed?
  15. schiermnultra

    2003 Summit 800 - grease on underside of clutch cover

    I was just looking at my brothers 03 summit 800 and noticed there is grease plastered all over the underside of his clutch cover. where is it coming from? crank bearing? sled is still running fine.
  16. schiermnultra

    Safe riding - Fernie area?

    Due to the high avy risk just wondering where the safe riding areas are in the fernie area right now? Coal creek trail? rolling hills? pipeline?
  17. schiermnultra

    10" riser on 2011 E-Tec's

    Has anyone installed a 10" handlebar riser on their new E-tec yet? A dealer told me they were having problems with the line lenghts.
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