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    fox float shocks?

    so heres the deal. I bought a new sled this year and it has fox float 150 psi shocks on the front. i adjusted the shocks earlyer in the fall to about 70lbs. whent out on sat for a rip and shes sagging hard to the left.......from what i understand is the valves inside s**t the bed and i have to...
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    alberta land closures??

    Does anyone know of land closures for sledding in the nordegg or forestry trunk road area?? I'm heading out that way tomorrow to scout for snow!
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    1M chassis aftermarket seat?

    Anybody have an aftermarket seat weather its a boss or whatever for a 1M chassis mountain cat or king cat that they want to sell? PM me!
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    silent pass??

    hey so ive been wanting to take a rip in silent pass! anyone have some straight shooting directions that will get me where i wanna be? And maybe give me more time on the hill than on the trail decideing which way to go:d
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    05 1M king kat extrovert drivers?

    So I've been doing some reading on my new 1M and from the sounds of things aftermarket drivers or "extroverts"? Are a must. Not sure if I said that right but anyway. What kind of job/price is it to do it, and also what is the the plus to doing this? My sled may have it done already as it has...
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    05 king kat boondocker box

    hey, just wondering if anyone knows anything about a boondocker box on a king kat. i bought the sled with it on it and im happy with how it runs im just concerned how to change the elavation control for when i get up high. first off how do i change it to 5000 feet and up, second off when i do...
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    quartz/golden area Nov21st?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone from red deer and area will be at quartz creek or somewhere elts near there on sat Nov 21? This will be my first time in the area and was hopein someone may be able to shoot me in the right direction or ride with my buddy and I for the day!any help us...
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