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  1. dpolacik

    Polaris 2022 Release

    Well factory Boost and Matryx Chassis This should be fun. Nicely done Polaris, and Finally:rolleyes:
  2. dpolacik

    Might Wait For MY 2016

    Been looking up all info that I can find on New 800HO motor and averaging it all out looks to be 168hp and 36 pounds lighter than the 800. Would make the Pro 155 about 381 Lbs. Early Reports but sure makes a guy think!! Decisions.....Decisions!! Who else is waiting? What have you Heard?
  3. dpolacik

    Camoplast T4S Tracks/Big Dealer price Difference

    Just put Tracks on My XP for work and was shocked at the price difference between two Polaris Dealers. T4S Tracks and Mounting equipment @Cycle Works West- $5500. Install extra. And would not print out quote. T4S Tracks and Mounting Installed,Tail light and Spark Plugs changed at Gaudins-...
  4. dpolacik

    Feb 27th and 28th Tag Along?

    Anyone or any group looking for a tag along for Thursday or Friday? Would like to find someone to tag along with as partner had to back out.
  5. dpolacik

    2013 Doo XM'S

    What does the XM stand for? Xtra Maintenance?!! Just Wondering....
  6. dpolacik

    Great Way To End Season!!!:(

    Please be on the look out for Grey and Black Klim Gear size 2xl. Also green ortovox beacon,SOS beacon,Old style Spot,Blue Shovel and probes,509 and Scott Goggles,Black lenses in 509's and red in scotts ect....:rant: All my gear was taken from our locked shop in Edson. Cant even trust guys you...
  7. dpolacik

    Tag Along March 4 & 5

    Is there anyone i could tag along with on sunday and monday? My group had to cancel and i have never rode Mcbride area. I will be leaving from Edson Today(Sat). PM me if you wouldnt mind a tag along. Thanks
  8. dpolacik

    2010 rmk 600 rpm and clutching

    Well my 2010 600 has 155 track and is stock other than venting. It pulls 8400 rpm no matter what elevetion from 3500 to 8000ft. It has 58 wieghts in it. My question is i will be putting a headlight delete intake,Slp big horn intake,Slp pipe and can on it,so will going from the 58's to the Slp...
  9. dpolacik

    Anyone in GP want to go to Vale on JAN 7th

    I am looking for a riding partner for jan 7th and 8th. Leaving in the AM of the 7th and coming back on the 8th. Or is there enyone i could tag along with in Valemount? I am not a very experianced rider so you know!!
  10. dpolacik

    600 RMK Idler wheels

    I have a 2010 RMK 600 155 and some people are saying i should remove the inner and outer idler wheels. Should I and why? Thanks in advance.
  11. dpolacik

    Hello All

    New to this and getting back into sledding:d Let it snow!!:hi: Will be trying out the new RMK 600 155 and hopefully will have it turbo powered before spring
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