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    Rode mine on Oct 27th in Lucille, if it doesn't Rev initially means the dealer hasn't put in the PIN. Then the first 20min the engine doesn't Rev over 6300-6500rpm and it truly is a pain in ass but i think its a good idea, as soon as the engine hits that RPM it seems to put a pile of fuel to it...
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    Conquer 280 track anyone run it yet

    I have 2 turbo'd pro's both had 2.5" camo extreme last year, one is a 174 and one a 163. This year decided to change it up so put the 2.8 conquer on the 163 and the 3" on the 174, rode this weekend for 3 days and the 2.8 will be for sale and a 3" going on. The forward traction is very good on...
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    Thank you Mountain Magic & HM turbo

    I just had 4 days of pull and go riding with the 240 kit and it was incredible!!! not a gauge to look at or a controller to touch just pulled the cord and to the bar as often as possible. The responsiveness from this product is better than stock and throttle position for power is so linear...
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    2012 / 2013 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    KARPA nice Pics, I heard the pro was schooling the ole one litre??? haha
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    Who's better? Burandt or Rasmussen?

    I think Rasmussen is someone who enjoys a great challange and is always striving to accomplish more. With his Cat experience it probably became mundane always getting where he wanted and with such ease so now his challange is to TRY (key word there) get through the tree's on an xp or...
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    Chinghaga / west of Keg River

    Gymbrat. Barnone the best profile pic EVER!!!!!!
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    Chinghaga / west of Keg River

    So based on the snow, fun times and smiles I won't be getting an invoice for this?????? Haha good times I'm jealous!!!!
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    I heard that if you Send the motor down to Linderman for just some mild porting and add a...

    I heard that if you Send the motor down to Linderman for just some mild porting and add a speedwerx pipe with fuel controller it really wakes the sled up as well and is a lot cheaper than the Big bore!!
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    Bikeman 900 BB

    I run his 901 BB kit with a turbo, just wondering if you have tried it without a Turbo as I have a 2010 M8 stock that I want just a little extra out of and not sure which way to go? thanks
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    Questions about TM8

    Not sure if this helps but I run a 901 BB done by Linderman, I'm running 9.5 pounds of boost and 100% AV gas(100LL), running a 1:1 regulator and a Attitude controller. Pressure is at 43psi at a high idle, I run both a digatron and a A/F ratio gauge and 12.4 to 12.8 seem to be where I get the...
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    Lets see your cat

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    Mountain Magic 1:1 fuel pressure regulator

    I have to agree it's like a new sled!! I also did the 901 big bore this year and that thing runs like a Swiss watch, never did I expect it to run so consistent between 1000-8000 feet!! Thank-good for the 174" or she would be a little squirley!! Mountain Magic:beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:!!
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    Turbos what does $6500 get you?

    I have to admit I was truly looking forward to reading this Thread as I thought it would have some actual what a mistake!!!! The Thread should have read "I'm pissed at MM and I'm going to use some buddies to chime in and really get those guys back......NOT". Are you kidding...
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    GPS/Satelite Phone

    So I looked into Iridium and they are a lot better, funny though because 2 yrs ago they were almost bankrupt!! Anyway if you have a Globalstar phone you can trade it into them and get a few bucks off the new one and a discount on the monthly fee. Talked to Calvin at Williams Wireless in...
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    GPS/Satelite Phone

    Have you tried getting reception with your Globalstar phone lately? when you call them they admit it is very spotty, when I complained about the service they agreed there is a problem and I don't even pay the monthly fee anymore just the minutes......if I ever actually get out with it. At this...
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