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    Would You Fix It?

    Poor quality diesel seems to be the new normal now, I know 3 instances in the past month related to low quality fuel, different stations, areas and vehicles. I am a believer in additives. Turned them all around in short order.
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    Would You Fix It?
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    Would You Fix It? I get the minimal down time thing.. just another option. If you can figure it out I have had a few rebuilt for a lot cheaper than new. I have also had luck doing a concentrated...
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    Would You Fix It?

    If you can afford the down time why not remove injectors and see what is serviceable or rebuild able? Just thinking there is only another 100k left in the truck.
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    Bit of a hobby Check out this if vinyl is in good shape this SEM paint works really well This one is pretty crazy..
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    What about hydrogen and FCEVs? Elon seems to be convinced that Hydrogen will never work, too many energy losses unless used in significant volumes.. may work for planes and trains?
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    Anybody sell BG Products?

    Thanks Rick appreciate the suggestion!
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    Anybody sell BG Products?

    looking for some diesel injector cleaner
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    Long gun registry back?

    guns are dangerous.. I heard? Gov't has our back all good.
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    Humorous picture thread

    taking the shot... wont change me! yer crazy SWAT
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    I had a 17 as well the new turbo setup in 2020 was a huge advancement I was happy with 16-17 as well in the 2017. I am super happy with this new one couldn't have come at a better time with fuel prices.
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    bone stock 22 tremor. Just traded a 2022 7.3 that did 16-17L identical truck except new diesel is way down at 10-11. That is soft footing mostly hwy at 115kmh or less. 3500km on it so far
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    Meh.. it gives you options like anything now a days man I love.. my new truck 10/L per 100k empty and 17 towing 12k how do you beat that with 500 ish hp and 1000lb/ft. This is the Tremor version so there is many mileage things going against it. Besides the price tag, eek. If the option to go old...
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    Interesting thought it was still free, might be leaning on you for support in the future.
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    good post I have been pondering getting it for a while now which obd scanner did you go with? Seem easy to work with?
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    If That Tesla Battery Could Talk

    Agreed 100% just need some real "cradle to grave" emissions impacts so we can interpret this. The clean agenda is pushed so hard that it defies all the rules and actual math.
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    Buying Auto Parts on Amazon

    frustrating, I feel it too parts for engines at work are really hit and miss.
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