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  1. Beels

    Allison Trans Rebuilds? '06 Dmax

    My pop's '06 Dmax LLY Allison is on the way out at 330K. Threw some codes the other day, then he got it checked out and they found a bunch of schrapnel in the pan. Reman from GM is $6900 installed. Anyone know anywhere else that rebuilds those Allisons? He's an hour SE of Saskatoon.
  2. Beels

    LED replacement bulbs for RV interior?

    Looking for 921 LED replacement bulbs for the interior of the camper. There's countless styles of them online, but does anyone have a particular one they've used that turned out well?
  3. Beels

    Who sells B&M Fabrications bumpers in Canada?

    Anyone know who sells B&M Fabrications bumpers in Canada? I have a Skinz on my '12 Pro and it used the top tabs on the bulkhead to mount. Bumper had an unscheduled meeting with a tree last March and broke the tab off the one side. The B&M uses the lower mounting bolt, so I have to switch bumpers.
  4. Beels

    Looking for fuel tank parts - Help

    Working on a tractor in the shop that had a tree blow down on it and crush the fuel filler neck in. Can anyone point me in the right direction of somewhere that carries fuel tank fabrication parts? Looking for a 4" filler neck and cap.
  5. Beels

    Any dealers with Burandt Boards in stock?

    Like the title says, anyone know of any dealers with the Burandt HD powder trac boards in stock? Checked a few and no one has any.
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