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    Brisket sale

    Sobeys and safeway have briskets on sale for $3.00 lb 7.2 kg brisket was 48.63 last week at wholesale club the same size briskets were $100.00 and up
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    Linq removable snow flap

    Installed the linq removable snow flap on my 2015 xm Using the g4 snow flap. It can be done with the xm flap by cutting it down and using spacers between the flap and removable piece from the linq kit. Only issues I see is it a little tight getting it off with out a tipped up bumper like the G4...
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    help find a cure for trudeau
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    New helmet law to be announced Monday

    Sounds as the government is going to announce the new helmet law for off highway vehicles on Monday probably be effective January 1 sure hope that is the only change coming parents should be able to decide when there kids are able to ride not the government
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    kijji tool boxes

    just curious if anyone has any of these tool boxes or has seen them wondering if they are half decent quality or real cheap china junk prices are decent for the size of them New 20 Drawer Tool Box 10 RED Model Bench Storage Work Garage | tool storage, benches | Red Deer | Kijiji NEW 84"...
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    Fencing red deer area

    So I bought a new house (take possession on sept 26) and need to get a fence up pretty quick Does anybody on here In the red deer area do fencing looking to have someone come and drill fence post holes and set posts with concrete (6x6 pressure treated)
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    Alberta to implement helmet law for atv

    Alberta government to implement a helmet law finally Alberta NDP to propose ATV helmet law in the fall |
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    850 at turple bros march 12

    Turple bros will have the new 850 on Saturday march 12
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    Track alignment issue

    I have a 2015 163 With the 2.5" track track was getting loose so I checked the tension and adjusted. Track is aligned along the rails, the issue I am having is the track is very close to the tunnel drop brackets on the exhaust side (it has been rubing as the paint is worn off) my question is...
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    Thunderstruck premier. Red deer. Thursday Oct 15

    Thunderstruck premier for red deer is this Thursday oct 16 at Bo's bar and grill Doors at 530 draws at 730. Movie starts at 830
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    Lily drone TH

    These look pretty sweet wonder how long the battery life would be I'm the cold though
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    15 sp vs 13-14 x model

    How much difference is there between th sp and x Not sure which way to go. 2013 x models are listed at 9500 and up on kiijji 2014 around 11500 and up. I can get a brand new 800 163 sp for just over 12000 otd with $ 250 in accessories Not really sure which way to go
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    Richard petty driving experiance

    Has anybody here done the Richard petty driving experience ? booked in to do the rookie experiance ( 8 laps) at Daytona international speedway on monday feb 17 just wondering what it was like and how fast do you get to go (heard It was up to150 mph depending on how you do )
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    Summit 670 rpm Gauge not working

    The rpm gauge on my 96 summit 670 works fine at idle and to about 3500 to 4000 rpm and the drops back down to zero and stays there until the rpms drop to about the same point then it works again ? Anybody have this problem before the only I thing I have changed on the sled is the clutching...
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    Builder home prices

    Do home builders generally deal on there asking price of a spec home or are they pretty firm on the pricing ? found a decent 2story walk out basement on a huge corner lot but there asking price is a bit more than I would want to spend .
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    rocky rcmp charges atv rider

    nice to see at least one of the azhats get caught Rocky Mountain House RCMP lay charges after ATV rampage | Alberta | News | Edmonton Sun
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    Lost - Box canyon / cardinal falls

    Lost a black Sony digital camera at box canyon cardinal falls last week (tuesday aug 20) right where you park or down on the rocks just below the falls dont really care about the camera would like he memory card was in a black and grey case with a spare battery
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    Vivint home security and automation

    Just wondering If any body has any experience with there home security and automation systems The cameras and mobile control apps look pretty sweet but does there equipment work trouble free and are they a decent company to deal with ( billing and repairs etc)
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    Holtzman atacc.

    Has any body installed the holtzman atacc on a sled with k&n pods before . all of the instructions I have found. On the net only show it installed with the air box still in place looking to put one on a 96 summit 670 ( modded motor )
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    Sled deck with linex

    Anybody ever have the sides of there sled deck sprayed by linex instead of powder coating i use the tie down holes on the sides a lot so I am not to sure how the powder coating would hold up from being scratched
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