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    Question About 04 900 Cat With Twin Jaws Pipes

    I have an 05 with twin jaws pipes on it and a boondocker box, same thing i bought mine with all the goodies on it and also was concerned about it but i just took er out a rode the piss out of it lol chances are if the box was on it when u purchased should be good HOPEFULLY, i had a very...
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    Estimate the damage...

    gotta say i think its pretty un-cool how people have to talk trash about someone smashing up their sled. u wherent you dont know how it happened. On the other hand i was there. Anyone could have been the masterpiece of this culvert. I crossed it in just the same place as him, just...
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    plastic welding

    you can actually buy the welding iron and a selection of rods for like 75$ as long as you know what type of plastic your welding and practice it a couple times your all good! and not a bad purchase for future broken plastice:d
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    fox float shocks?

    I need shocks by Sunday at the latest, I'm headed for revy. Anybody have any?? ANYTHING that will fit! PM me ASAP!!
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    fox float shocks?

    Wasn't planning on it but if you want em ill sell
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    On-line Avalanche course FREE

    right on! lots of good info in there! more people need to check this out and not just skim over it.....actually take the time!:beer::beer:
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    fox float shocks?

    nah the pressure was zero when i got home, there pooched. im not gonna buy fox floats for my next ones they seem to be a real pain in the ass. figured ill buy some coil overs or something similar, dons speed parts in wainwright is gonna hook me up hopefully:d see what happens anyway!
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    fox float shocks?

    took the shocks in today and it ends up it will cost almost 700 to get them re built the tubes are pitted and all that good stuff. does anyone know the measurements for the shocks on an 05 king cat?? they arent with me right now and im looking for some new ones! cheers:beer:
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    fox float shocks?

    ya i can understand the cold weather thing but the left shock bottomed right out and wont re-extend, i find it hard to beleive that it will come back to life as it warms up :confused: but who knows. ive heard that its like a once every 3 years thing to have them re-valved. wondering if normal...
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    Ditch banging in alberta

    i agree, personally i ride the ditches along gravel roads and have been doing so for a long time. never been bothered........and you can go thru a foot and a half of snow across the feild faster than they can if it IS a problem :)
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    fox float shocks?

    so heres the deal. I bought a new sled this year and it has fox float 150 psi shocks on the front. i adjusted the shocks earlyer in the fall to about 70lbs. whent out on sat for a rip and shes sagging hard to the left.......from what i understand is the valves inside s**t the bed and i have to...
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    Onion Lake /Hummingbird Falls

    i was out there on friday, whent over corkscrew and up to peppers, there is snow but way too wind swept and no base
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    alberta land closures??

    Does anyone know of land closures for sledding in the nordegg or forestry trunk road area?? I'm heading out that way tomorrow to scout for snow!
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    Hot Dog Roast anyone???

    This happened to my brothers 06, he had an aftermarket brake leaver on it, and the latch caught just a little bit and it whent up like a candle, luckily he caught it in time and just burnt up the vents on his good, so many different scenarios!
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    Hot Dog Roast anyone???

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    1M chassis aftermarket seat?

    Anybody have an aftermarket seat weather its a boss or whatever for a 1M chassis mountain cat or king cat that they want to sell? PM me!
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    goose tower ride

    ya im pretty interested in how to get to "goose tower" im from red deer so its probley a long drive but seems to be more girlffriend friendly than revy:d
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    silent pass??

    hey so ive been wanting to take a rip in silent pass! anyone have some straight shooting directions that will get me where i wanna be? And maybe give me more time on the hill than on the trail decideing which way to go:d
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    05 1M king kat extrovert drivers?

    Where is powder king? I was at quarts creek last weekend and mine works very well too, I'm not too concerned about its performance but just wondring if its worth it
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    05 1M king kat extrovert drivers?

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