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  1. west coast

    Whose more annoying?

    Skidoo guys on skidoo release day or The Polaris guys the last 24hrs? Never seen so much schilling on social media as last day. Can’t recall if doo guys are as bothersome?
  2. west coast

    Footrests on 2018 175 sp

    Can you install the x package footrests on a 175 sp?
  3. west coast

    White privilege

    I think we sometimes forget the sacrifices made by generations before us so we have now what others say is privilege. My father in law went to school in bare feet in northern Saskatchewan. He did get boots before winter but had no summer kicks. My mom grew up in a tiny shack down by the river...
  4. west coast

    Terrain theory vs germ theory

    Just research both theories and decide for yourself. Are colds and flu contagious like yawning? I don’t always get sick when my wife does and its never the same symptoms if I do.
  5. west coast

    Vancouver Island pics from last season

  6. west coast

    Best State for snowmobiling and fly fishing?

    I live on Vancouver Island and it has excellent sledding and river fly fishing. Two of my favorite things. I am watching the presidential race and if Trump makes America great again I want out of this limp wristed country. With all the weirdos saying they will leave america with Trump as...
  7. west coast

    Skidoo spring for m1000 secondary

    Whats the part number to the black purple purple spring that guys are using in their secondaries? I went to skidoo dealer and said black purple purple and I got confused looks.
  8. west coast

    best place to buy a cat primary?

    I need a new primary for my m1000 just wondering who peeps have had success ordering from?
  9. west coast

    switching from 4 post to 3 post primary?

    Can I use the same weights and spring from my 4 post clutch in a 3 post primary?
  10. west coast

    new primary clutch for m1000?

    Where is best place to order one from?
  11. west coast

    Island riders

    New to the island and lookin to meet some sled buds. I ride a m1000 and have lots of experience. drop me a line if your interested.
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