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    Anybody sell BG Products?

    looking for some diesel injector cleaner
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    Water proof wiring connections

    I have a couple of wiring harness plugs underneath vehicle that are disconnected and need to remain that way that need to be sealed. Plug size is 1.5" roughly. What are the best methods? Looked at heat shrink.. paint on electric tape? Would like to never look at these again but have access to...
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    A prayer for freedom fighters

    I thought I would be the last person to make a post like this, pray that all make it out safe and sound tonight.
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    5.3 vs 6.2 gm

    Wondering thoughts on how reliable the 5.3 is vs the 6.2. I really want a 6.2 but they are few and far between vs a 5.3. What does it take to make a 5.3 reliable or can it be done? Need to tow 5-8000 lbs. Looking at either a 1500 gm or escalade. Thanks
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    rebuilt vehicle report

    So.. I am looking at buying a rebuilt vehicle... I know the pros and cons... current owner bought it had no idea it was rebuilt and is looking to resell with out documentation. Any body know how to obtain the original rebuild file? Thanks
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    Air tool pressure reducing regulator for shop

    I find myself in need of a air pressure reducing station for my various air tools. Compressor is max 160 psi. What do you use?
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    sandblast trailer

    Looking for a DIY scenario around Edmonton area, Calgary has a great one but can't find anything around here. Or anyone who will do a 20' trailer willing to trade/swap polish...
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    Looking for a 16-22 ft equipment trailer

    Prefer tandem 7k bumper pull. Deck over ideally, will consider lowboy. Used market is kind of skinny right now if someone has a decent used PM details.
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    Electric push mower whats the best?

    My mother in law needs a new push mower, prefer self propelled rechargeable etc. Whats the current reviews on the better ones? Thanks
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    2009 Duramax deleted shifting issues

    Hey there trying to help my sister in law diagnose what is going on with her truck. Its a 2009 D max with about 200K. It was deleted a couple of years ago I am not sure to what extent. Recently when shifting into drive sometimes the truck just sits there and does not move, other times its...
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    Project management course

    Has anyone taken the course? Was looking at the Nait courses. All thoughts welcome. Thanks
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    Telus email to google

    So for reasons that are rather obvious these days I am having suspicious thoughts about why Telus is shifting out of the email game and giving it to google? Is it now getting to big to handle? Is it that google has better spyware? Telus says it is to enhance your email experience... yeah right...
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    cabelas ammo lawsuit This is bad news folks..
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    blown in attic insulation

    So thinking about upgrading my attic insulation, thoughts? Has anyone done it noticed any difference? I'm averaging about 8-10" in my roof right now. Doing it yourself seems reasonable but wondering if worth the hassle? I'm going to be close to 2500 sq ft between house and garage.
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    Anybody know of places that rebuild ECU's or BCM's

    So my wife's infiniti fx35 has been having issues that are all pointing towards the body control module failing. It seems like a common thing and there are repair places in Florida.. however I'd prefer to not have the down time. Dealer is pricing one out now but $2000 was the first number that...
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    Reloading bench

    Before I start from scratch does any one have a reloading bench for sale? Looking for a smaller one 4’ x16” wide ish... or suggestions haven’t built one before. What worked for you?
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    RV awning repair

    Anyone have any good leads to replace the awning fabric on a couple of slide outs on my motorhome in the Edmonton area. Thanks
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    2011 to 2016 superduty 6.7 diesel filters air and fuel

    I have 2 air filters and 1 set of diesel fuel filters with a spare lower plastic bowl for when you inevitably crack one. All are new in box baldwin. $80 for the works.. PM me sold thanks please remove
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    need ideas for mileage for a 2012 Ram 3500 dually diesel

    So a rodeo mom friend of ours just installed a DPF delete with bully dog GT. Mileage hasn't really improved at all and she is still averaging 11mpg empty. Pulling it is much worse. I am a ford guy and don't know much about the 6.7 cummins. What does it take to wake these things up and get some...
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