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  1. Dazzler

    Magnetic tether and transceiver

    Was reading up on my new Barryvox S transceiver and it states to NOT have anything magnetic on your person within 20 cm in send or 50 cm in search mode of the transceiver. I believe I read somewhere on these forums that the tether on your Alpha 1 is a magnetic system, just curious if the magnet...
  2. Dazzler

    Happy mothers day.......

    To all you mom's..
  3. Dazzler

    Hi all!

    I discovered S&M at the Eckville grass drags, (some one put a card on my truck window) so I looked up the site and found it to be not only entertaining but plenty of information as well so I joined up. I have rode sleds for 25 years, I live in the Calgary area (north west 30 mins) and try to get...
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