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  1. The Kickass One

    2008 Edge Velocity LS 21 Foot Jet Boat $75,000
  2. The Kickass One

    Kinbasket Jet Boat-Boat Camp Trip 2021

    Anybody interested in doing a few day trip on the Kinbasket. We are going to launch from Mica this year. No dates confirmed, but likely mid to late July or early August. Took the tiny boat last year and likely taking the big boat this year. Feel safer hooking up with S&M folks.
  3. The Kickass One

    NS Government Owns Peoples Body After Death!! You can always sign a card to donate, but now you have to sign to not donate.
  4. The Kickass One

    Anyone Elses’s Season Delayed or Over

    Awaiting CT Scan for Ligament Damage!!
  5. The Kickass One

    Biden or Trump—— Who wins tomorrow?

    Who wins? Apparently this one guy who has predicted the correct POTUS since 1980!!
  6. The Kickass One

    850T Clucthing Options

    Anyone try any aftermarket kits or develop anything better then stock? Or is stock fine!!
  7. The Kickass One

    850T Venting Options

    For those that have ran the 850T did anyone doing any venting and is it necessary? I usually vent all my sleds? Just found a 2021 Expert and figuring out if I need venting or need to carry extra oil? Any other good mods to consider? Upgraded to FreeRide shocks all around.
  8. The Kickass One

    Place to post when you are drunk-high!!

    Seems to be all over the posts, so how about post those weird posts here?
  9. The Kickass One

    Free Oilkings vs Hitmen Tickets Nov 9

    Have 2 tickets. Can transfer via Ticketmaster App. 1st to PM email address can have them as our plans changed.
  10. The Kickass One

    Silver Mines 2019

    Someone must have some info by now? SILENCE IS AWESOME!!
  11. The Kickass One

    TSS Turbo 2014 XM

    Anyone have any knowledge of TSS turbos. Found a three hose connection above oil reservoir. 2 connections were un hooked and the other looks to be cut off.... looks like air/turbo pressure. If I knew how to post a photo from an Iphone i would.
  12. The Kickass One

    Golden 2018-2019

    Snow on Mtn tops today. Let’s pray for global cooling!!
  13. The Kickass One

    Canadian Mens Day!!

    Well today was International Women’s Day!! What ever that means as every day is a women’s day of some sort it seems. But March 10, 2018 is the best day of the year for men!!
  14. The Kickass One

    Silver Mines 2018

    Anyone been in here yet? Safe travels if going there this week.
  15. The Kickass One

    vent kits for G4

    Where can a guy find vent kits in colour in Canada that are similar or better then USA? g g
  16. The Kickass One

    Best Avatar or Handle

    Winter can not get here fast enough!! Who has the best avatar or handle on S&M... I've seen some good ones
  17. The Kickass One

    Hallejuya -The Song

    Might have spelt the title of song wrong, but who can post the best version? I'd like to see a sled video to this song!!
  18. The Kickass One

    Old Boys Club

    Is it just me that feels this way? Joined this site as it was a great place for information and help. The last year it seems more like an Old Boys Club or a bashing site. Did I miss the memo/boat?
  19. The Kickass One

    Songs that define your years

    I suck at the technology, but if could linky my song would be Stayin Alive!! by da Bee Gees Love Dat Tune! Help out a old dude and throw the great tunes out...
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