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  1. johndeereman346


    few questions for you guys. first off does anyone have a supercharger on your trucks and do you tow with them. was it worth the cost to put in. im looking to make a sleeper out of my truck.
  2. johndeereman346

    Air bag Hitches

    While ive been looking at fifthwheels lately ive noticed air bags on the hitches, and now i have seen a few trucks in red deer, ft mac, and edmonton that have an air bag bumper pull/ ball mount hitch im just wondering if anyone has one or has used them and what yopur thoughts are on them...
  3. johndeereman346

    looking for tire and wheel package

    Hey guys im looking for a tire and wheel package for my 07 chev 2500 hd was looking for some 16" ultra rogues but unsure on tires its a toss up between toyo open country at, wrangler silent armor, wrangler mtr, bfg km2, or bfg all terrains everything has to be e rated.
  4. johndeereman346

    May Long

    Quadding seasons coming up and its the time where we start planning our first big trip and this year i want to try something new. Do you have any may lon fav spots or a fav spot?
  5. johndeereman346

    2 wheels vs 4 wheels

    Hey all time for a new toy and I'm trying to decide betwen a Crf 450r or trx450r or ltz400 I know both are completely different riding styles but I want to know your guys opinion on each. Like where you can and can't go advantages and disadvantages
  6. johndeereman346

    New Body dmax

    i test drove a used new body duramax this morning and im sold i just want to know if anyone has had major isuues with them, its still under powertrain warranty
  7. johndeereman346

    Ft Mcmurray suds

    With everyone else in central ab and south having a s&m night how about those of us in the working city get together for a few brews and bs. If anyone in or near ft mac wants to before chistmas let's giver.
  8. johndeereman346

    Diesel drags

    Ok guys so me and a buddy were looking for something new to fill our spare time, so we are giving diesel truck drags a go. Im leaning towards a 5.9 cummins but am partial to a duramax but either way im looking for some info on the classes and regulations. My budget isnt an issue but basically we...
  9. johndeereman346

    new body GM shift lever

    On my 2007 Chev the paddle shift switch and tow haul button don't work and I'm told I have to replace the whole lever. My question to all GM techs is this a tough job or fairly simple as I'm trying to avoid taking my truck to the dealership here.
  10. johndeereman346

    trading in trailer

    Im looking at getting a bigger trailer. Currently I have a 7x16 haulmark. I'd like to get into an 8 wide but am undecided and the length I like a 28 foot but that could be a pain for storage and manouvering so I was lookin at a 24 foot. What would you guys reccomend brand wise and length in a v...
  11. johndeereman346


    Guys who have a truxedo are you happy and how much did it cost and where did you get them
  12. johndeereman346

    New bumper

    So i hit a deer on thursday and now i have some fixing to do. Im looking for an aftermarket bumper i looked at ali arc and dont like em, what do you guys have or reccomend for a new body chev. Pictures please.
  13. johndeereman346

    Had an interesting weekend

    So this weekend was awesome but rather expensive and interesting. Friday: Had my hitch stolen off my truck lost 2 flats of beer cooling in the river that came up a foot overnight Saturday: Snapped my synthetic winchline like it was thread Broke my camp chair ( few too...
  14. johndeereman346

    Where to mount onboard air

    Hey guys just wondering where those of you with onboard air compressors mounted the compressors. I'd like to stay in the engine bay but it's tight as is and I have dual batteries. As always thanks for the input.
  15. johndeereman346


    What do you guys have for a gps im looking for something thats easy to use and i can track with and save a ton of trails. I have looked and seen what some guys have buy theirs are basic im not afraid to spend a bit extra for ease of use
  16. johndeereman346

    TPMS issues

    So i hop in my truck and the tire pressure sensor light is on in my truck, then i scroll through the srceen and it says my one tire is at 95 psi (weird) then i rolld down the road and it comes up and says its at 7 psi (weirder). now at this point im interested so i get out and get the tire gauge...
  17. johndeereman346

    Any one up for a ride saturday

    Is anyone free this saturday and want to go for a ride maybe chambers creek or the end of highway 53 .
  18. johndeereman346

    Pac brake

    Has anyone heard of pac brake air bags seen a ad for them in tool flyer
  19. johndeereman346

    looking for a company from sportsman show

    I'm trying to find a company that had a booth at the red deer sportsman show. They made ramps and fuel tanks and a rack so you 7 foot quad would fit in your 6 foot box. They are out of sylvan lake any help us much appreciated
  20. johndeereman346

    computer question

    I have a 3 yr old laptop and its getting slow and am thinking of formatting the hard drive and reloading the programs............or buy a new one any advice.
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